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Craith - Anyone want to discuss this S4C drama series? (Warning, may contain spoilers)


And musn’t forget the taxi driver in Gwlad Yr Astra Gwyn :slight_smile:


I didn’t really get into that series, but I remember he was the actor. Was he also Rapscallion, the ‘rapper gorau’r byd’?


Don’t remember that one I’m afraid :disappointed: … but someone will I’m sure :slight_smile:


That depends on the politician!!! Lying is endemic - usually called ‘being economical with the truth’! Is lining one’s own pockets criminal? Is awarding contracts to friends? Surely claiming expenses for one’s duck house is pretty criminal! As for the Lords, leaving the taxi, meter running, while popping in to sign for a day’s £300 seems pretty criminal to me, especially as it is our money!

I think so, still on Cyw very often! But I don’t watch it! I have Rhagleni Plant on to entertain Toffi (my little poodle) while I am on-line! But he sure looks like the same guy!
NB I think I’m going to have to re-watch the series-so-far of Craith. I didn’t really like anyone, so did not pay enough attention!


Yes, he’s got a face full of character! A painter’s/sculptor’s dream, I should imagine.


Of course, Mae o’n wych, talentog a rapiwyr gorau’r byd! / He’s great, he’s talented and the best rapper in the world.


He always seemed to play put-upon characters, hen-pecked husbands, rather dim-but-nice chaps, which is why I had real trouble taking in the fact that he was a baddie in Craith and will need to watch it again!



28-01-2018 - Not really a spoiler…


I was slightly annoyed when the male uniformed police officer put down the female uniformed police officer, after their visit to and interview with Dylan.

Not on sexism grounds (although there could have been some of that), but that the question she asked Dylan seemed perfectly reasonable in the circumstances. Especially as they both think that Dylan is “od”.

I also thought they should have made a casual search of Dylan’s garage(s) to find out exactly what vehicles he has. Not an official search requiring a warrant, but e.g. he could have pretended to be an expert on starter motors and offered to help Dylan (and finding an excuse to nosy into the other garages around there).


I think the police have to be very, very careful not to exceed their orders. It is very easy to end up with evidence you can’t use because the law says you have to have a warrent or be in a special room with recording equipment or whatever!


It was all very dark and disturbing, but i like the idea of doing a ‘whodunit?’ backwards


Well the police in “Un Bore Mercher” were pushing all sorts of boundaries in that respect!

But in this case, with a potential serial killer on the loose, and Dylan being a dodgy looking bloke in a dodgy looking situation, I don’t think it would have been unreasonable for them to ask him if he’d mind them looking around. And then if he’d got all defensive and shown them off the premises, I’d think they’d have grounds to get a warrant and search the place properly. And also go and see his employer, find out he’d got the sack and that the cut hand wasn’t a work injury, etc, etc.




There is a spoiler warning in my first post today … and also in the thread title. :slight_smile:

And the two things I mentioned just above actually happened in the previous episode.


And why are their lots of crazy people living in what ought to be MY house???
Lick of paint - it’d be brilliant.
Still like Dylan, even though he’s getting more menacing now. He moves so apologetically!
Although his mum said she had to be gone by morning, and I got the impression that what she says goes. So despite the fact that Dylan seems terrified of her, he still keeps his new ‘pet’.[quote=“mikeellwood, post:49, topic:10648”]
was slightly annoyed when the male uniformed police officer put down the female uniformed police officer

I raise you - super annoyed! She clearly got the absolutely bonkers vibes that were streaming out all over the place, and he just looked down his nose! TUT!


Interesting to read this thread on Craith, I’ve heard a lot about it through social media, but haven’t watched it. Believe it o’r not, we don’t have S4C in our house. We have a TV, but it’s not attached to an aerial or a satellite dish so we don’t have terrestrial and don’t subscribe to Sky. We only use the screen for movies and the odd thing on Netflix and/or Amazon Fire.

But we will occasionally seek out the odd thing on iPlayer if it appeals. Having said that I haven’t watched Y Gwyll or any similar series - I wasn’t drawn to the genre and find it difficult watching anything dark or in any way violent.

I find that the older I get the less tolerable I am of watching anything with the ability of being disturbing. I’m not in any way queasy. But abhor any violence, suggestions of abuse, anything where children are harmed or in danger, and so on… yes, I know, I sound like a bit of a wuss… :persevere:

It Craith particularly dark or challenging? The mention of someone self-harming made me catch my breath a little, so I’m a little wary. But also aware that it’s very popular.

Diolch in advance for any input and for letting me crash your thread. :wink:


I’d say so! I really like it, but it is very dark and wouldn’t recommend it for you - basically I think all the things you listed there are on the show… Mom isn’t a fan of it, even though she’s usually fine with dark police shows :smile:

You might like Un Bore Mercher, though!


Hahaha! I’ll go with your Mom! Diolch for the info! I’ll have a peek at ‘Un Bore Mercher’. :slight_smile:


I would certainly warn you off Craith! I’m not sure about Y Bore Mercher, I found it a bit gratuitously violent. I am not bothered by violent content and, if anything, have become less so with age, as I know very well it is all done by special effects, but I do like there to be a good reason for anything that happens on screen! I was watching Silent Witness last night and it would be hard to find anything more violent than that episode or more mentally disturbing for someone of my age, as it portrayed ‘care’-home residents being terribly treated by staff members, disciplined by stun-gun, raped… but it was a brilliantly plotted tale of the very worst example of something we know has happened! I can’t exactly say I enjoyed watching it, but I was riveted and would not have missed it! (ps I am not recommending it!).


I am exactly the same - and it all began after I had my three - suddenly I couldn’t tolerate the merest suggestion of any harm coming to small people. Still can’t stand it. Bearing that in mind, I found Craith easier than Un Bore Mercher in some ways.
Craith is very dark, but the focus falls on an unspoken past. There are already a lot of dysfunctional relationships to get your teeth into, and you are watching the effects of that down the line.
Un Bore concerns a family that unravels as we watch - and the relationship between parents and children is stretched to it’s limit.
Being elusive on purpose - don’t want to spoiler you! Both very, very good dramas though!