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Craith - Anyone want to discuss this S4C drama series? (Warning, may contain spoilers)


Diolch to you for your comprehensive input, I greatly appreciate it. I will definitely be giving Craith a miss I think and will probably not venture in to the world of Un Bore Mercher either. :wink:


Sorry @CatrinLliarJones - may have over egged that a bit! Got carried away with trying to describe it without trying to describe it… :rolling_eyes: :wink:


Afraid so, very dark. I can’t remember feeling so disturbed by a TV show in a long time as last weeks episode. i’m still waiting for that S4C series about why flowers are lovely, or just not a crime drama really.


Meanwhile, we’re over on Netflix watching a surprisingly upbeat and cheery zombie series…:wink:


Always a good fallback I find. As is The Good Place (talking of Netflix stuff) - ridiculous, amusing and short. Quite the opposite to Craith…


On Jonathan last night, as well as Brynmor Williams, a guest was Gwyneth Keyworth, the sad little self-harming student in Craith, who is clearly an excellent actress as she is not like tnat at all!


That makes one wonder from where his daughter came from.


It makes one wonder where Dylan’s daughter comes from.


Un Bore Mercher is better if you like a more straightforward detective/ mystery type story with a bit of human interest in the mix. It has some slightly dark aspects, but not quite like Craith. I preferred it. (but I will carry on watching Craith)


I’d definitely suggest giving un bore mercher a try. The main female lead plus her mate played by Cath Ayers are fun.


Sounds like another show I need to start watching. I’m over here in the US, so episodes can be limited.


I would be up for it.


I decided to watch Craith ‘live’ last night. There seems to be no subtitles ‘live’. I got half way through and my head was sore and I was a bit tired . So thought i’d have a rest and watch the rest later, then the subtitles appeared. Do they upload them after initial broadcast? I only watch on-line as I don’t have a proper telly.
I do hope there are nice happy endings for everyone, it’s all very bleak at the moment, but I doubt it.


I guess so. I only watch online, also. Sometimes it seems to take a while for it to become available via watch-on-demand. I’ve watched it live (heb isdeitlau) a few times, but I need the subtitles to make sense of it completely.


I’ve found recently that English subtitles are often available if you watch S4C ‘live’ through BBC iPlayer. I didn’t watch Craith ‘live’ this week, but for the last couple of weeks I haven’t had to wait for it to be uploaded to Clic/iPlayer to watch with English subtitles.


So I went from feeling half sorry for the pathetic psychopath that is Dylan, to being really creeped out by him when he was manhandling his victim, to a mixture of both when Megan started talking to him. Then they both winced at each other. Crikey!
Enjoying Mark Lewis Jones’ character - have only seen him doing slightly swaggery types before, so this is new to me.
Saw Cadi in Requiem (English but set in Wales, two or three short Welsh conversations to be had) being a barmaid with a past.
And poor Nia. I like how she has the same downcast and careful walk as her dad.


I suppose when all this was being planned, they wouldn’t necessarily know that it would be scheduled almost immediately after “Un Bore Mercher”. I was a bit surprised to see him popping up again so soon. But like you, I’m enjoying his character. I can see how he might have a hard time in the carchar.


I totally agree in all respects! Dylan’s Mam gives me shivers! What chance do Dylan and Nia have with her as an example! Not a good advert for Welsh motherhood!


Agree with enjoying Mark Lewis Jones portrayal of his character. That scene where Megan talked to Dylan gave me the chills. Part of me feels that Dylan can’t much help being how he is given the totally creepy and abusive mother that he has, and part of me is incredulous that both of them are psycho and participating in what’s going on. Poor Nia - what kind of horrible childhood has she had? It’s not clear if she’s being physically abused, but how could she not be emotionally stunted? She doesn’t seem to ever have any contact with any other people.

I’m hoping that Lowri will starting to move toward healing after talking to DS Vaughan.


I think Megan is going to have to break out, mow her down with the red pick up and escape with Nia at the very least. I’m in two minds about Dylan. Perhaps he should try and follow them (now he has his blue van going) but get caught and spend the rest of his days in clink, where he will be what passes in Dylanworld for blissfully happy, because he doesn’t have to go into shops and his mother won’t be in charge. Done.