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Craith - Anyone want to discuss this S4C drama series? (Warning, may contain spoilers)


I had been wondering how it was going to end. Now it seems it will be one of tnose carefully plotted but screamingly unlikely in real life type endings. Sad. But I could be wrong!


I assume Dylan is on the run.

If it’s anything like most Scandi noir I’ve seen, he’ll find his way to where Megan is being taken care of (and it wont be properly guarded…)


Maybe he ran as far as that little ruin in the back garden? Would fit with the other two looking ready at the kitchen table - he came back, they hid him and off they went… Although I’m surprised she let Nia go so easily.
I’m still struck by how human and reasonable Dylan sounds most of the time - when he was talking to his mother, he was the sane one.


I’m glad that the female PC’s (PC James?) suspicions were vindicated anyway.


Poor Nia. I suppose she will be taken into care.
Perhaps Cadi’s sister (the one with kids) could foster her.
And Megan could become a friend of the family … the nearest thing to a happy ending I can come up with.


Compared to his mother he is the sane one! Do we know anything about what happened to his dad? I suspect the mad woman did for him!!!
I can imagine some sort of denouement in which Dylan tries to follow Megan, but what about him trying to rescue Nia from Mamddrwg and getting caught that way? Oh, and the other family where girl has just killed in defence and is in shock… will we get a tidy ending or the chaos of real life?


I’m not sure Dylan is brave enough to go crashing in to find Megan. He’s particularly averse to drawing attention to himself in the outside world. The reason he didn’t get caught this time was because he hesitated when Megan rolled down the hill and on to the lane. And as Cadi pointed out, every time he’s ‘lost’ one of the other girls, he just finds himself a replacement.
Losing Nia might be a different matter though - you can’t just go and get another one of her.

Yes, yes! Something very dark probably happened there! I hope we find out.

Gosh yes. And I liked how Cadi really listened to her, and didn’t dismiss her unlike that arrogant twerp she was on door-to-door with.

When it happened, I thought why are we seeing this now? What’s it for? For a horrible moment I thought that the police would somehow be diverted from Cadi’s hunch, and miss finding Megan. But no.
I hope Endaf Elwy gets out before Mali’s dad gets sent down - they’d be a cheery pair wouldn’t they? No anger issues at all or anything…
If Dylan is hiding somewhere at home he might get caught sneaking out to feed the dogs.
What happens to the animals when a house gets raided and no one is left behind?


I hate loose ends! Too many were left - unless that means another series to clear them up! And, Dylan dead, but will nasty responsible Mam suffer any punishment? And what will happen to poor Nia? Can she read? How will she learn to live in a normal family? How will she deal with her past? And what, if anything, is known of Dylan’s dad? Could nasty Mam have been with her dad? I blame her for poor Dylan’s outcome, but if he was a child of incest, maybe he really did have inherited mental problems?


I didn’t feel like there were too many loose ends. I would rather have seen Dylan spend the rest of his life in prison, but he did get caught, even if the punishment was not the “preferred” one. His mother will definitely be locked up somewhere, because she’s admitted to being complicit in the whole thing. The final scene with Megan and Nia said to me that while damaged, they are each still able to reach out to another, and in that there is hope for healing for both. Dealing with the horror seems to have changed Vaughan’s perspective on his new family for the better, and Cadi is strong - we know she can cope with the horrors she’s seen and the upcoming loss of her dad. I wish it had ended with the scene of her sitting by the water, instead of the last pan over that creepy house in the woods. It was a great series, if a bit darker than I usually like - I hope they do another.


My worry here was that there might not be enough evidence to enable Endaf Elwy to be freed. How much actual evidence did they have? There was the book with the victim’s name in, but that could be considered circumstantial. Did they have anything more concrete? The awful mother was beginning to talk, but could her evidence be enough to prove that Dylan had killed (by accident, seemingly) the girl? What they really needed was a signed confession by Dylan I think; one reason why Cadi was so disappointed.

Procedural note: couldn’t they have tasered him? Maybe plainclothes police don’t carry them, but there were two police cars at the far end of the bridge who could have brought them up if they’d got a move on.

It looked like she was able to read, at least a bit. And in a previous episode, we heard her singing (quite sweetly), so she has the ability to memorise (one way or another) lyrics. It appeared that the mother looked after her basic needs (and maybe even gave her a rudimentary education), but probably deprived her of affection, whereas Dylan seemed quite affectionate towards her, but was incapable of giving her any form of conventional schooling. (He might have been able to teach her about the great outdoors though).

In that final episode, Dylan was proved to be much nastier than I’d thought him to be. Up to then, I could believe that he was more damaged victim than victimiser. I do wonder, actually, if this episode was properly consistent with the rest of the series in that respect.


Dylan was scared! Terrified! He may have not liked Mam much & been scared of her, but he depended on her. He had lost everything and saw the Police as very, very scary. He was also mentally ill and totally ruined by his upbringing. He didn’t know what to do and decided a pillow was the kindest way of getting away, even if he hadn’t a clue where to go.if we’d met him at Nia’s age he’d have been much like her.


Is it too late to catch up with this? Just watched the trailer, definitely my sort of thing!


Look on line at S4C site. Should show how many episodes still available! Hopefully, if all are, you’ll ne OK!
ps As far as I can see all 8 still on line! But hurry to be sure to see them! Should be able to choose language of subtitles if needed.


Diolch @henddraig dwi di wylio’r pennod cyntaf - bendigedig!
Great to see so many familiar places!


I think Dylan’s mother admitted to Anna Williams being there, and I’m betting forensics can find all kinds of things in that nasty cellar, so I’m not really worried that they wouldn’t have enough evidence to free Endaf.

If the other officers on the scene had made some haste, couldn’t the four people there have tackled him and gotten him before he threw himself over? Even if Cadi and Vaughan had grabbed him by the leg or something, it seems to me that maybe the swan dive could have been prevented.

On the international website, it says all episodes are available until April 1st.


No expert by any means, but I’ve a feeling that there has to be an immediate threat of violence or potential violence before you can taser someone.

Yes - the Dylan underneath! I thought we saw glimpses of it in the basement with Megan. He had a few nasty moments down there, where he was safe from his mum and the rest of society.
Then in the neighbours house, I liked how he spoke in his normal, slightly too high, lilting voice about wanting to care for them, then out came sinister Dylan, and he bared his teeth, like before in the basement when he had tried smiling, only this time his eyes were flat.
I laughed when his mam said ‘He’s not right in the head!’ As far as understatements go, that was a doozy!

It would have been nice to know more about this - I can’t help feeling it would have been horrific in some way. I think the mum rather hid behind Dylan - he said how scared he was of her, but she never stopped him, when she could have. Never even tried, just took the opportunity to say evil things to him whilst at the same time telling Megan that Dylan now owned her.

I liked the thought of Nia and Megan having bonded in some way. Perhaps they can stay in contact, although probably best not to ask ‘How did you two meet?’


I like that idea too. I don’t know what Megan was studying, but if she was inclined towards teaching, she could take Nia under her wing and try to fill in the many gaps there will be in her education. This would hopefully be a form of self-healing for Megan too.


Are you UK based? BBC iplayer is putting it up as a ‘Box Set’ so you can catch up with it all, English subtitles only.


Diolch @Y_Ddraig_Las - binge-watching on iPlayer. Just finished Pennod 4… Poor Megan!


Just watched the last episode. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole series. Real edge of the seat stuff. And lovely to catch glimpses of the bits of Wales i know.
I’ve been watching once with subtitles and then again without. What was really satisfying was to realise I was recognising a little more of what they said each time!