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Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


Keep practicing your ‘CH,’ it will come. Sometimes, I have to stop and physically say the word, ‘loch’ as in Scottish loch to get the ‘CH’ sound. Trilling ‘R’s’ has a genetic component to it I think. My Wife can’t trill ‘R’s’ for anything and she’s supremely talented!


I don’t know about genetic. What I know for sure is that in Italian language we’re supposed to trill the R’s too, so we’re somewhat familiar with it since we’re toddlers.
However probably about 50% or more of the population - including myself - pronounce it in a whole lot of different ways that are not exactly as it should be.

In most cases it could be corrected or improved - it’s just a matter of habits and lack of practice. In fact since I’'ve bee learning Welsh, and doing an effort to get its sounds right, also my Italian R has become better! :rofl:

But since it’s our mother tongue…we usually just don’t care and we manage to communicate anyway. :grin:
I guess this is worth remembering, against excess of perfectionism (I also forgot to mention this to @meowmocha) :wink:


Yeah, slightly confusing in Newport, SE Wales, where Lock in English seems to suggest the expanse of water (Dock section) thats being controlled by said lock gate. So they’ve got South Dock North Lock. Not to be confused with Loch :grin:


Same thing in the United States. We love to slaughter foreign words, so loch is lock. :smile:


Hello. I want to learn the language of my mother’s family. My grandmother was born in Bridgend, great grandma in Swansea. My great grandfather on my father’s side was born in Wales. Pennsylvania coal miners. BUT my Welsh grandma went to college soon after immigrating. I have been to Wales when I lived in the UK, but always wish I could move back…


Croeso @lynne-warfel. Welcome to the forum.

Rich :slight_smile:


Croeso! Welcome to the wonderful SSiW forum! Don’t hesitate to ask if you need any help along the way. :slightly_smiling_face:


I just started this thing and it seems to be pretty cool. I want to learn welsh because I love welsh culture and music (I come from brittany, in france). And I loooove the sound of this language.

My written english is not perfect but I have no problem for reading or understanding, I hope it’s ok for you.

Hope I’ll enjoy learning welsh.


Hey zhala-1 and croeso (welcome)
Don’t worry about your written English. There are many people who are not native English speaker.(like me)
Please come here if you have any questions, problems or if you just want to share some success.
Enjoy your journey into the Welsh language.


Thanks @brigitte !
For the moment I really enjoy the sessions. I don’t want to rush it because I think it may overload my brain, but for the moment I find it quite easy (I’m on day 4). That’s pretty cool.

It’s fun because I’ve started to watch some welsh series and I recognize some words wich seems to be the same in breton. For example ben or pen (I don’t know how it is written) seems to mean head or end. And du (I don’t know if it’s written like this) seams to mean black.

I come from a place called Penhoët. Pen is “the head” or “the end”, and hoët come from coat/hoat/goat (I don’t know the real way to write it) wich means trees or forest.
In welsh, trees is “coet”. So “pen hoët” = “pen coet” ? That’s really close !

I don’t even speak breton but I have some friends who do and I love breton music and culture. (and obviously I come from Brittany)


Welcome. Feel free to soak in the atmosphere (so to speak) and contribute or ask questions any time. Ah, Penhoët. Thats great. We have Pencoed with same meaning, in our area. Also, the locals pronounce it “Code” :slight_smile:


I came from Duolingo, but I feel as though I need a bit more engagement so I can actually get the words in my head. I did some digging and found this site - I have heard good things!


Croeso Rebecca,
you will soon see, that the words and sentences that you learn here, really stick and you can use them in conversations. Don’t hesitate to come here and ask any question, and tell us how it’s going for you.
Pob hwyl.


That’s cool! It makes me want to come visit Pencoed. :smiley:

By the way, I finished the day 5 session today. I’m not sure I’m gonna wait for the next mail before trying the next session. Is it a problem ?


Pencoed was the first place that I worked in when I first came to Wales. Happy days!

Anyway, regarding the course tasks. I followed a slightly earlier method, but I’m sure that someone will be along shortly to advise you.


No, not a problem at all - jump right in! :slight_smile:


Hi, hope you are well, I have come here to learn some Welsh, for a few reasons, I’m visiting Wales with family this summer, but, I’m also a big fan of Welsh language music and would like to understand more of the lyrics and song titles eventually. I’m also very interested in place names, travelling around Wales I’ve seen many fascinating looking place names and I’d like to understand them better. I was recommended here by Adrian Cain who is a teacher of Manx Language (I’m from the Isle of Man and I can speak basic Manx Language) who highly recommended this resource. Really looking forward to learning. Thankyou


Hi @gyp-buggane,

Croeso - welcome. Ooo Manx - how interesting. It will be interesting to hear what crossover you find.

The forum is a great place for information and help - so don’t be afraid to use it for any queries or questions.

Pob lwc - good luck!

Rich :slight_smile:


Welcome Gyp(?).
Great to have your company on here.

I understand that the IoM was Cymbric speaking at one time in it’s history.

I tried a couple of of Manx lessons with SSi and I must say that my mix of N English and Welsh helped me with them. Gaelg didn’t feel as big a step as Irish or Scottish Gaelic. So hopefully, the link will also work for you in reverse.

I’m sure you will be striding ahead in no time.



After being born in Carmarthen over 50 years ago and been taken as a young child to England I’m loving trying to learn some of the language I remember my grandparents speaking in Tabernacle Chapel and that my cousins and otheir family in Llanboidy speak today ! My son hopes to go to Prifysgol Abertawe in Sept so I’m hoping he will join in our quest !!