Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


Croeso cynnes iawn - a very warm welcome to the forum, Howard @howard-snell, Amy @amyshehi and Corina @corina :slight_smile: :star2:


Wow. I used to live in Llanhilleth as well. I lived in the white fronted house with the big window, rhat used to be a shop :sunglasses:. My wife, Glenda is from Alexandra Road, Six Bells. I love it when I learn a new word like S(h)imli for Chimney, and she says “surely you knew that!”

Also forget to say that Glenda’s grancha/grandad in Cwm had a WWII refugee child staying with him. He never left and was known to everyone in the village as Cuz.


Welcome, Howard - what an interesting story! I’m from the Rhymni Valley and lived in Maesycwmwr (just south of Blackwood / Pontllanfraith) for a good few years, but of course, no-one really goes north in the valleys, so I’m not that familiar with Llanhilleth, except as somewhere on road signs as you pass on the way to the heads of the valleys road!

As a nosy question, whereabouts in SW France? I spend 4 - 6 weeks a year close to Marmanda / Marmande in Lot et Garonne.


We are in the Lot, north of Cahors, and have been here for close on 15 years.

As a boy I knew Pontllanfraith through visiting a cousin there. My other (more northern) hub was Abertillery, my father’s family’s town. I still have one relative alive from Aber now living in Newport, and we speak regularly. (Not in Welsh, and she is from one of the generations of only-English.) My maternal Gran had a lot of Welsh, but she was well into dementia by the time I lived in Llan during parts of WW2. Occasionally she would aim some Welsh at me, usually starting with “Ach-y-fi, mochyn …” (I hope the spelling is right, but that’s how it sounded to me.)


Noswaith dda,

I’m in South Wales, I enjoyed the 1 Welsh sentence challenge.

I want to learn Welsh for both work and personal reasons. Lots of my colleagues speak welsh, so I hope I will have opportunity to practice.

found my way here after googling to see if there were accessible welsh classes near me. SSIW this is very accessible as I can do it from home - no stairs/non-wheelchair accessible classroom issues!

All best wishes, Grace


Welcome to the forum, Grace, and good luck with the course - let us know when you run into any difficulties with it (there are always difficulties!)… :slight_smile:


Hi Iestyn, I’m enjoying the one sentence challenges, but I actually wanted to sign up for the 6 month course. Now when I try to follow the link on the internet, it takes me back to the one sentence a day section. What am I doing wrong? Can you help? Thanks, Rhian


Hi there, time is the biggest obstacle for me so I’m looking for a way to learn that’s flexible, and this seems promising. My son is attending a 1st language Welsh primary and my Welsh is basic at best! I’m on a mission :grinning:


Croeso i’r ffrwn, Rhian-Hutchings! Welcome to the forum!

I’m not Iestyn but this is the link I found to sign up for the 6 month course. Scroll about half-way down to find the sign up information.


Helo Delaware,
I have this link. But when I click on it, it takes me straight back to the 1siw link. I wondered if this was because I had already logged in and started it and maybe I couldn’t sign in for both? It’s a bit weird.

Thank you so much for coming back to me. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


Diolch @delawarejones!

@rhian-hutchings - if you copy and paste the link, rather than clicking on it, it should take you to the sign-up page that you are looking for.

And no, I don’t understand why either…!


I would have to do a screen sharing session to see what’s going on. When I click on the link, I go to the page. Have you tried a different browser? Other suggestion is to clear the cache/cookies on the current browser and try again.


Hi Delaware. Slightly off topic, but there are a few Americans on the Facebook messaging group connected to the dwin dysgu cymraeg group. They are looking for resources. I suggested ssiw anf nafow. Just to let you know.


Hi Delaware. Clearing the browsing cache did the trick!!
I really appreciate your help.
Diolch yn fawr!


Thanks Iestyn. I’m all signed up!! :grin:


Diolch, JohnYoung. SSiW and NAFOW are great. So is the Ninnau Publication (American/Welsh Newspaper) I don’t do Facebook but what is the Dw i’n Dysgu Cymraeg group? Is that a Facebook thing? I’ve got a lot of different resources I could add.

Is this the group you are referencing?


Thanks, Delaware. I’ll pass on details of the newspaper.

Yes, that’s the Facebook Group. It’s quite popular.
The associated messaging group is brand new and getting off to a big start - As it’s an offshoot from the main group, I’m not sure about the moderation set-up, not to say anything one way or the other.

Edit - one of the admins of the main FB group is also on the messaging group, so it should be ok.


Helo, Prinhawn Da. I’ve just completed Day 4 and am thoroughly enjoying learning Welsh.
I’ve been visiting for many years and my husband & I have decided to retire to North Wales & are slowly transitioning here. I want to be able to fully integrate into the local community & have been practicising on the staff in the local Spar (poor them!).
Diolch - this method of learning is brilliant.


Great to hear you’re off to such a good start - you’ll reap huge rewards down the line for your willingness to jump into using your Welsh… :star: :star2:


Helo Trevor

I live not far from Abergele. It’s a nice place. There is also a welsh practice speaking group in Prestatyn (about 5 miles from you) every week for all levels. They’re a nice bunch! Croseo i Cymru!