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Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


Thanks Siaron, that’s useful to know!


Hi all. Just wanted to say Hi quickly. I’ve just completed the second challenge, and have to admit I love the format so far. Really easy to follow.

I’ve recently moved to Wales from England, and my amazing girlfriend is Welsh (although doesn’t speak a great deal herself). Her daughter is 3, and is going through the beginnings of learning Welsh in school herself, so I thought this would be a really nice way for me to help her out by learning myself too :slight_smile:


Wow @loz

…doesn’t sound like speaking practice will be a problem!


Rich :slight_smile:


Hi! I’ve just done the five day one sentence challenge, and this looks like the learning style for me, although I do like to see the words in front of me. I’m English born, but moved to Cardiff when I was ten, and have felt Welsh ever since. I did Welsh at school, and I’m amazed how much I can remember from the 1960s! I moved away for work in my twenties, but am just about to return to Wales in my sixties, and look forward to soaking in the language. I’ve always loved singing in Welsh, even when I didn’t understand the words.


Hello all, I have wanted to learn to speak Welsh for many years. I am Welsh, but of the generation where it was considered old fashioned and defunct as a language, so I did not grow up with appreciation and pride in our language. I now feel like a bit of me is missing and slightly ashamed when I am back in Wales (having lived mainly in England for the last 40 odd years!) and can only pick up a word here and there when my countrymen are conversing in their own language. I have just completed day two of the free programme and found myself smiling aloud (if that is possible) as the familiar sounds tripped off my tongue and, to me at least, made sense! I am planning on doing the 6 month course and boot camp with my good friend, who is rather ahead of me, and introduced me to this programme, all I can say is, Wales here I come!! Jayne


This pretty much sums up the learning process.


I’m welsh but have lived in england and Spain for over 45 years. I have always wanted to speak welsh and recently visited the welsh language centre on the Lleyn. They recommended Ssiw before I sign up for COURSE. I like the method and am looking forward to the second lesson. It will have yo be good because I am not good at languages and fear the dreaded mutation!


No need to - eventually it starts to drop into place naturally. The worst thing you can do is overthink it! And, whilst obviously it’s better to mutate where you’re supposed to, it’s perfectly allowable to get them wrong… which we all do! :wink:

Welcome to the wonderful “don’t worry about it” mantra of SSiW!


Though I’ve noticed that the lessons have this weird ability to make the brain forget stuff. Mutations I would normally get right, I suddenly mess up. Words I know are suddenly forgotten. Everything is mixed up. Nonsense is created. Chaos reigns.


Hi and thanks for having me. I’m really excited about this. I really like the positivity of the course and the different learning approach really speaks to me.
Every year I try to speak as much Welsh as I can. I find it tricky but fun and incredibly rewarding. We always love to visit the Llyn peninsula and have epic memories of our kids on fabulous beaches. I would love to speak more Welsh! It’s important to me on many levels, making friends, experiencing a different culture and being accepted and integrated.
In two years we would like to move to the south of Wales and live the dream of being partially self sufficent and working part time as we enter middle age!!
Best wishes and thanks again!



It’s not exactly what you asked for but S4C (I think) have a page on Facebook called Hansh, which produces video clips about a minute long aimed at millenials.

It’s for native speakers so it’s very fast and very colloquial but because it’s topical, short and subtitled, it’s quite good listening practice. Also it’s funny so I keep an eye out for new videos, which means I practise regularly. :slight_smile:

More traditionally I think some of S4C’s content is available online outside the UK.


Hi my name is Laraine, really think I will find this way of learning Welsh easier by learning a sentence a day. Not great at languages, not a natural. Have tried a Wlpan Welsh learning many years ago. Lived on Anglesey for over 30 years and now I have retired would like to give it another go learning Welsh. Hi on lesson 4 and it’s getting a bit harder now.


Shwmai folks,
My name is Mike Payne, I live in Bridgend, South Wales. I’ve wanted to learn conversational Welsh for many years, but its never worked for me, School, night college, Duolingo etc, even basic courses in work. My good friend is a welsh speaker and is desperate for me to learn and put me onto this website.
I’ve just finished the 5 day introduction unit and found it ok. I had to write the english long long sentence down first before saying it in Welsh. My daughter who is pretty good at speaking Welsh and my friend said the pronounciation was ok, so… here we go.
Hopefully this is the start of things to come and will see me being able to hold a conversation in Welsh
Thanks a lot and speak to you all soon
Nos da


Croeso @mike-37

Well, it certainly sounds like you’ve come to the right place…SSIW will be a bit like having rocket boosters attached!

It also sounds like you’ve got some practice partners ready and waiting - perfect! - so congratulations on starting the short journey to being a Welsh speaker! (because it works)

The forum is a great place for help and advice as things crop up.

Rich :slight_smile:


Helo, I’ve just completed Day 4 of 1 sentence in Welsh and I’m really enjoying it and relishing the insistence on speaking. I’ve wanted to learn Welsh since I was a teenager because my surname was Lloyd so somewhere in my ancestry there must be some Welsh. At college there was another student on my course with the same surname, except she did come from Wales and I always felt a fraud because I didn’t speak like she did. I speak a number of European languages, but have never had the opportunity to learn Welsh. A short visit to Anglesey a few months ago really gave me the kick I needed. I was continually trying to read all the road signs and other signs and to work out what they meant and how to pronounce the words. On returning home, I started learning Welsh on Duo Lingo, then I discovered Clwb Siarad Cymraeg in Preston, my home town, but we only meet once a month. Wrth gwrs now with the pandemic that isn’t happening. Our teacher, Anne, sent us the information about this course, and I immediately clicked on the link, and now I’m hooked!


Dw i’n hoffi y 1 Welsh sentence challenge so far. I am glad that this course has specific North and South dialect options. I want to speak Welsh in North Wales and with my relatives who speak Welsh in Wrecsam. I bought some Welsh language learning books on Amazon, so “Some Sex and a Hill” was recommended to me. I read the Kindle sample of that book and thought it was hilarious. That led me here. I have been learning Welsh on Duolingo, but I’ve heard that this is a better way dysgu yr iaith gymraeg.


Hi Tym…amazing you’re here too, just completed Day 5 of practice sessions and contemplating doing the course. Loving it, and as I am now based in Wales not Shropshire, think I have no excuse!!
Hope Zena better now and you all ok xx


Enjoyed the 5 days, although I have previously taken an entry level course so know a little anyway.

Welsh is difficult for me because I have had radiotherapy on my throat and consequently my mouth and throat can become quite dry.

Also, I live on the English side of Wrexham and only a couple of people in the village are fluent! Therefore, it is difficult to practice in general conversation.


Hi yes, just signed up 6 sentences a day, and j believe the first will start on Monday. Really want this to work. It will help me in work where a lot of our customers are Welsh speakers.


Only joined a week ago but now signed up and looking forward to becoming a Welsh speaker. My Welsh friends will be so surprised.