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Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


I seemed to have done fine with the first lesson, but I was looking also for 2 things: How do I also learn to spell what I am saying? And I needed a specific 2-word translation, and can’t find a place to put in the phrase to translate. Any help would be appreciated. I downloaded the Learn Cymraeg app put out by the Welsh government, into my phone, but haven’t had a chance to use it because we’ve moved several times.
And thank you (Dioch?)
~ Nikki from Knoxville TN USA


Shwmae! I’m Anne, another American. I live in Centreville, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, DC. As I said in my profile, I grew up in the midwestern state of Wisconsin, near the area settled by Welsh miners (Mineral Point, and the Wyoming Valley, along the Wisconsin River). As I explored the area, I became fascinated by Welsh language and culture, but found little opportunity to learn about them until the internet opened our borders. I’m about halfway through the 4th level of Welsh in Duolingo. It’s great for vocabulary and reading comprehension, but I want to speak! SSiW seems like an excellent way to practice. My dream is to travel to Wales to attend an immersion program, and then travel around th country, speaking Welsh.

ETA: I see I have notifications of two replies or “likes”–not sure which!–though I can’t see the actual replies. Thank you, Rich and Meowmocha, for the welcome!


great have booked on the 6 month course and on challenge 4. had self inflicted problems with website but SSiW are sorting it out. Its a lot more work than the 5 day 1 sentence and my brain hurts more!


I’ve been thinking about learning Welsh for years as my mother-in-law is a native Welsh speaker and my husband went to a Welsh speaking secondary school. Already learning Spanish on Duolingo and did French and German at school (decades ago). My husband saw a BBC website article about resources during lockdown and suggested this is a great opportunity to get started. I’m up for the challenge!


Thank you for Asking, just started in challenge 2 level one. Struggling to give answers in Welsh in time permitted.


Hello, all. I’m on day 5. I picked this up because Welsh sounds cool.


Great! Yes it is! Where abouts in the world are you @gregory-alvarado?

Rich :slight_smile:


I just finished my last (5th) lesson in the 1-sentence introduction sessions. I did very well, only dropping one word from the last, lengthy sentence.

I don’t understand the 5-minute test at all. Several of the phrases in it were not covered in the 1-sentence lessons. I do believe I would like to continue in the Welsh language lessons, just because I am interested in reviving an ancient language.

~ Nikki in Knoxville, TN


Shwmae my fellow learners. I am Welsh by birth and live in the beautiful seaside town of Porthcawl. I am a social health care worker and am currently supporting a gentleman who’s first language is Welsh. I would love to support him by keeping up with his Welsh. Dwi"n moen dysgu sariad cymraeg. What a beautiful language Welsh is. Here’s to a successful corse


Married a tidy Welsh girl and promised we’d live here when we had grandkids.
Been here two years and love it.
I’m surrounded by Welsh speaking neighbours and would love to integrate and join in more.


My enthusiasm for the Welsh language comes from being a huge Patriot of everything Welsh !
My Mam was Welsh from Denbigh North Wales and my dad is English. They met at a dance in Ruthin in 1957, my mam soon moved to Cambridge and spent the rest of her life here. As a family, myself the youngest of 5 children we would return to Denbigh every summer holiday, my mam would speak Welsh to my Nain and Taid but would never really speak it back in England except on the phone.
I was always intrigued and felt drawn to it. I return to North Wales every year making Llangollen our base to holiday with my young family. I wish could speak more than the few bits mam taught me.
I love this course and am spending as much time as I can at the moment, I have learnt so many new words.
Diolch yn fawr Mike


Hi there,
Just want to make sure I’m on the right track… I"m a very early starter here and only just got to day 3 on the SSIW 1 sentence. It looks like I’m not the only one ( Thank Heavens ) in remembering the longer sentences to translate. I’ve started pausing then writing down the English sentence and then translating it at my leisure, then pressing play again to check it. I then go back to the previous day and add the Welsh words under the English. If I shouldn’t be doing this then slap my hand now…lol. I’m really enjoying this so far.


Helo! I decided to study Arthur Machen for my Brit. lit paper and his (100% deserved) love for Cymru brought me here! Diolch for this great corner of the web and pob lwc everybody :slight_smile: - Derin


Hi Emily! I am just startiing my OBOD Bardic course right now! I was born in the UK so this is kind of special for me to be learning Welsh. I have gone back and forth with “which 2nd language should I learn” and tried Spanish… but I am not from Spain! LOL… So I am trying to learn Welsh because we both come from the same island. :slight_smile: It would be great in time to meet others in OBOD trying to learn Welsh. Message me if/when you feel it is safe to do so… or not. I am just enjoying this,… Dwi caru Cymraeg!


Hi Rich
Please can you advise me on my next move. Just completed lesson 15 level 1 and I seem to be doing ok! What course should I sign up for next? Should I sign for the Standard and complete all the levels 1,2, and 3 or the six month course. I am confused what each individual course has to offer and what would benefit me the most.
Kind regards John


Hi @john-30

I saw a post that @gisella-albertini did not long ago which was a little ‘self diagnosis’ system for you to decide which path forward would suit you best…I thought this was excellent, so I have found it - click on this link here

Let me know whether that helps - or whether you have more questions…

Rich :slight_smile:


Hi Rich
Thank you for replying. I have read the 2 options and I have decided number 2 is the best one for me.
I 'll sign-up and hopefull 'll be at level 2 in a few weeks

Thanks John


Ok - it’s good isn’t it! makes you think what sort of person you are! ( Good work @gisella-albertini! :dizzy:)

By the time you have reached challenge 15 @john-30 you have made absolutely huuuugggge progress - so congratulations on that - its a major achievement, and in a sense you are filling in gaps with the rest of the course.

Pob lwc!

Rich :slight_smile:


Is the payment automatically taken monthly or do I have to signup every month The site is just asks for my card details.

Thanks John


It takes it monthly from mine (which was filled in a long time ago!)…but it seems to work well so I’d imagine it’s the same.

Rich :slight_smile: