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Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


Hi , in my second day!! And quite severely dyslexic, and bit worried this may hold me back. Does anyone out there have the same problem


Hi, My name is Huw. I was born in Fishguard in 1949, currently living in the US. I’ve been here to learn before, but it’s quite difficult without someone to practice with, I hope to learn a bit more this time.
My Mother spoke Welsh, and my nieces and nephews do, having attended Welsh School.


Hi Phil.
What I like about the Speaking practice is that its not just for SSi learners. So, Duolingo and other course learners are amongst the members.


I’m on week 8 challenges 12 & 13 complete but it seems to be getting very hard. Any advice on carrying on


Hi @griff

Congrats for getting to that point because it means you have got a lot of Welsh on board by now!..and you almost certainly don’t realise how much yet! :sunny:

These two lessons are the ‘world famous’ worst lessons :smile: so just hang on in there - it’s about to settle down!

The content of twelve and thirteen are repeated later during the course and at some point it will fall into place - it’s a very strange thing. :smile:

So keep the faith and trust the process - it sounds like you are doing brilliantly. :sunny: :sunny:

Rich :slight_smile:


Bore da pawb! Dw I’n mwynhau’r ddysgu cymraeg!
Im on my 6th week and just got my pink circle which my husband was bemused about when I told him!
I’m giving myself 2 years to learn Welsh, to hopefully transfer to north Wales police, so no pressure!
I’ve even got the the dog involved in the lessons- he now recognises that when I pick my headphones up, it’s time for his walk!

I now just need to buck up the courage to join in the speaking practice and sessions on slack, I can imagine my mind will go blank or something!

And when will I ever be able to roll my rrrr’s?! Ha!


Well done Sara, sounds like you’re doing great! Yes, it’s almost certain your mind will go blank when you first start with Slack because it happens to everyone, so don’t let that put pressure on you - it’s perfectly natural and everyone you speak to on there knows all about it!

And as for rolling rrrr’s… I’ve never been able to do it properly (and Welsh has been my second language for coming up 20 years!), so don’t worry - if the rolls come, they come, if not, it really doesn’t matter!


Hi, I’m Welsh living in England on a narrowboat with my Welsh speaking husband Geraint. I did learn Welsh in school and our assemblies were alternated daily between Welsh and English. However as with French as soon as we started to write it down I got left behind.

I’ve been saying I will learn again since I met Geraint in 2005 and feel quite ashamed that I don’t especially at family gatherings when all of Geraints family speak Welsh (Anglesey).

I was born in Cardiff both parents welsh my father didn’t speak any only knew my Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau, my mother was Welsh speaking until age 5 then only spoke english.

This is something I’m determined to suceed at just please don’t start asking me to write it down lol :*)


You are in the right place. We are specifically recommended NOT to write it down because it is liable to slow our progress with speaking. Welcome!


Hello! I live in Australia and have a Welsh speaking mother who is living with dementia. As the disease advances she is speaking more often in Welsh than English. I know only a smattering of Welsh. So, I’m here to learn more so that I can communicate a bit better with her. It’s great to find this community. Thank you for the welcome.


Pnawn da. I have been taking night classes for a year but have only just got myself onto “Saysomethinginwelsh”, I also use Duolingo. I confess I am English and moved to Wales 18 months ago


Bore da! I have recently begun my Welsh studies to connect with my ancestral roots.


Noswaith dda pawb.
I moved to Wales in 1980. Over the years, I’ve learned lots of words and just Wenglished my way through but I want to learn how to put sentences together and have the confidence to speak to my friends and neighbours. I have been doing classes for a long time and feel like I am less confident now than ever with ‘text book’ Welsh!! I’m not bothered so much about writing so I’m hoping this course will help by starting at the very beginning :crossed_fingers:


Thanks for that I will def keep going


Hi there. I have done the taster for the first week. The I want to learn etc. Then I decided to sign up for the 5 minutes course for the year.but I am wondering is the first weeks lesson the same as the taster I have already done?


No, I don’t think so. I think its a bit deeper but its newer than the way that I learnt. Someone will get back to you soon. Anyway, if not different, it should be a nice refresher/springboard :grin:


Hi… I am English and have been taking Welsh classes for a year as I thought it would help me in my business (Accounting/Consultancy) and I always think you should learn the language of where you live (18 months in Wales). I do like the way you build sentences up and in the process use words that are widely applicable in conversations or in starting a conversation.


Hi not sure if this is where I introduce myself ! Anyway I’m Ian I live in Bangor Gwynedd , all my life 58 years and now I think I should speak Welsh my wife is from at hellens came to Wales when she was 6 speaks fluent Welsh , I’m a member of cor penrhyn male voice choir , I want to learn Welsh so I can converse with 80 other choir members in Welsh and not be the odd one out :grinning::musical_score:


Ok thanks just joined tonight :blush: I just hope I can pick it up could never when I was in school lol


Hi, I have completed the 5 days of 1 sentence in Welsh tonight, really buzzing ! Think I can speak more welsh now than I ever learnt in school 40 odd years ago! (Think I need a course to find my way around the forum :joy::joy::joy:) , looking forward to getting my next email and getting started on this journey , I know it’s going to be tough sometimes but it will be worth it :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 nos da