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Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


Yes I think it’s harder to get round the forum page than learning Welsh lol


Hallo @bryn-jones and @ian-jones-4 and welcome on the forum of SSiW. :slightly_smiling_face:
Yes, the forum is a place where many people discuss and speak about many things, so it can be sometimes confusing, But there will always be someone to help or give advice. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions, about learning, the language, the grammar, the technic, whatever it is.
And enjoy your journey into Welsh.


Diolch Brigitte


Hi, I’m Welsh- born and live in Caerleon in South Wales. Being 56, I didn’t get to learn Welsh in school and have toyed with the idea of lessons for years. Being in lockdown has taken away all my excuses for putting it off. I’ve got a degree in French and German, and loved Latin in school. Of course I learned these in the conventional way. What I’m saying is that I love languages and learning them. I knew that your approach was going to be rather different but I am blown away. The Welsh I have learned in 4 days is continuously going round in my head. I haven’t used the pause button once. Yesterday I had the chance to tell a Welsh speaker that I am learning Welsh because I love Wales and I love the Welsh language. And I want to practice. And I got it right. I can’t wait to get on and learn more. Thank you!


I started the lessons yesterday - thank you !
The problem is today I already forgot the sentence!
I’m afraid I’m not going to retain all the new information - any suggestions?
I’d had to think I have to start back at DAY 1 forever!

I’m a transplanted New Yorker that married a Welshman - my accent must be making everyone’s ears bleed !


Hi there, and welcome to SSIW and the forum.
No, don’t repeat the lesson. You haven’t forgotten it, you just can’t remember it at the moment. It really is on the tip of your tongue. When you do the next step, the first one will be reinforced and you’ll be thinking, of course, I know that. And the next step will reinforce steps 1 and 2. And so on. It’s how spaced repetition works.

If you really feel you don’t remember anything it’s suggested that you do lesson 1,2,3,4,5, without repetition, before going back to step 1 and being amazed at how much you remember.

Perfection, 100%, is not, repeat NOT required or expected. Just a willingness to carry on and live with a little uncertainty.


Just finished day 5 of 1 sentence
Where do we go from here?


Bore Da - good morning!

I learned welsh in school, some 50 years ago, and have started again using Duolingo (sorry if that’s a rude word here!). Do I need to start right at the beginning of your course? or can I jump in mid way?



We sign up for 6 minutes a day. Pob lwc!


Welcome Roger!
Because this course is such a different approach to learning Welsh than most others, I’d suggest you do start at the beginning. You may find things too easy to start with, but it will get you used to the method - besides, you can go at any pace really, so the bits you’re familiar with will whizz by and you can slow down for bits you’re less familiar with.
Also, because it’s teaching spoken Welsh rather than what you’ll have been taught in school or in Duolingo (lots of people here use Duolingo too by the way!), you’ll get used to spoken patterns - jumping in mid way would not prepare you for that and could be rather confusing.


I’ve found the 1 sentence to be quite nice, I haven’t done the recap yet, but my brain isn’t letting me forget it - I can be in the shower and it will pop into my head! I’m looking forward to starting to learn more, especially as I am starting to work in Cardiff next week!


Da iawn, Diolch


Very confusing. Teaching ddilyn i ddim as I shouldn’t then using na ddilyn i as I shouldn’t without any explanation. Understand the mechanics but why just throw it in?


Ah well @berwynclarke88 - you have figured it out and you are now extremely unlikely to forget it for some time (perhaps in comparison to a short explanation) :wink:

Its sounds like you are cracking on with the lessons - congratulations on your Welsh speaking journey! :sunny:

Rich :slight_smile:


Seems very Celtic. The other languages seem to have their equivalents as well. So it would be like English starting with the word “Not” to make the sentence negative. It has a great sound to it.


Hi everyone - I’ve just completed my first sentence and looking forward to tomorrow!
I was born in Wales and lived here until I was 18, but then moved to and lived in England for almost 40 years, until moving back here recently.
I was able to speak some Welsh before I moved away, but have forgotten most of it, and now I’m back in Wales again I think it’s important to learn the language of the country I’m living in.
I’ve previously learnt French with the Michel Thomas method, and I’m sure I’ll find this SSI technique just as useful
I’ll keep you posted on how I’m getting on!


Helo, I’m Sandy and my partner passed away very suddenly 6 months ago, not Covid but a massive heart attack. It has been in my mind for a very long time to learn to speak Welsh. I have lived in Wales for over 40 years but I hail from Lincolnshire. I have a rare neurological condition and I’m shielding due to being on immune suppressants, so I thought now is the time to take the plunge. I was very nervous and had to pull on my big girl’s knickers and do some strong talking to myself but I’m pleased I joined. It is very hard due to trying to memorise everything but I am enjoying it and actually finding it fun. Due to still grieving etc I’m not sure how much I will be on the forum but I just wanted to say Hi and Thanks.


Hello Sandy, and welcome. I’m sorry you’ve been having such an awful time lately, but well done on getting those big girl’s knickers on and taking the plunge!
The forum is here for you whenever you need it - and whatever you need it for - so take your time and find your pace - but one little tip, don’t try to memorise everything (like we had to in school!), rather try and let things soak in naturally, as this course method is designed that way. Yes, you’ll get frustrated when you can’t ‘remember’ something straight away, but that’s normal, and you don’t have to get everything right - mistakes and memory lapses are learning tools too!
Take care - we’re here when you need us. x


Thank you @siaronjames, I’ve just finished the 5th lesson and not quite sure what happens now but it seems I have a rest now and get an email in a few days. I’m feeling quite proud of myself because I’ve just said a whole sentence to my son on Facetime and he’s very impressed. He came to Wales when he was 3 months old, so did learn Welsh in school but living in Cardiff he doesn’t speak it now. I think being 68 I was a bit worried my memory was letting me down but it is amazing how it all sinks in. Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi. My names Gareth, I live in Cheshire and born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

I’ve wanted to learn welsh for many years. My grandad used to sit in the corner watching Wales playing rugby union and singing/muttering in a strange language. When an uncle died my grandad invited me to meet his brother, it was a real eye opener as they only spoke welsh.

Nowadays I spend a lot of my time sea kayaking in Wales, Anglesey primarily and have many welsh speaking friends (both in the coaching community but also behind the bar). I would love to learn welsh for my deceased father and his parents as well as to respect my friends. As a proud Northumbrian I also have a passing interest in some of the “Old Welsh” tales.

Heres to talking a bit of welsh whilst spending fun times in Wales.