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Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


Hi Karen. I suggest you email and let know how they can best help you.


Have just finished the one sentence in Welsh and i thought that it was really easy. The trouble is when i finished i received a message saying that i would hear something in two weeks. Can anyone suggest a course for someone like myself to continue learning the Welsh language please.


The SSiW one-sentence course is like a ‘taster’ course - if you’ve enjoyed that, I suggest you subscribe to the main 6-minute-a-day course which will give you much more material, extra learning support and plenty of opportunity to practise your spoken Welsh :slight_smile:


I have just finished the welcome sessions and although I was a bit nervous at the start (thinking back to how we had to learn languages at school many years ago!) I have absolutely loved it and will definitely be signing up to the full course. My partner and I spend a lot of time in North Wales so have picked up a few basic words, but I have always said I would learn the language when I have time…I now have the opportunity as I have recently finished full time employment:)
SSIW was recommended by a friend so I have someone to share my progress with as well as the forums as no doubt there will be challenges along the way. With this support I am confident I can succeed.
I am looking forward to the journey.


I shall be subscribing to the 6-minute-a-day course asap.
Thanks for taking the time out to reply siaronjames


Hi everyone. My name is Craig and I live in Canada. I was referred to this site after commenting on a music video ( Dacw 'Nghariad by Eve Goodman).

My interest in Welsh stems from the fact that my grandfather came from Llanidloes. I never met him, but my dad used to tell us how he loved the “lyrical sound” of his father’s language. Sadly, my father never learned, and although I love languages, I have left it kind of late in my life to learn (though better late than never!)

I would love to develop a decent level of fluency, even though I have no one in my life to speak it with. I think it’s important to connect with your family history and would love to be able to not only learn, but pass it along to my sons.

I am only on day 2, but I am enjoying it quite a bit and am surprised at how quickly it seems to be settling into my normally-stubborn brain.

I look forward to learning more and meeting the community here.


You do now Craig! Welcome to SSiW and the forum. We also have groups on Slack where people can speak what Welsh they’ve learned and practise, so you’ll soon have plenty of people to speak it with - and you don’t have to be fluent to do that, anything you say in Welsh counts!


Thank you!

I had never heard of Slack before now, but I will have to check it out. I assume it’s something similar to Skype? That could be interesting. I have no camera on my computer, so I guess I will have to look for an app on my phone.

I tend to be a bit self-conscious while learning. As a kid learning French (I am in Quebec) I never wanted to speak it until I felt I was reasonably fluent. Of course never speaking it made it hard to become fluent.

Thanks for the reply.


Yes, Slack is similar to Skype etc., and you can do just audio calls if you don’t have video (but I think it’s always nice to see who you’re talking to!). To join the Welsh Speaking practice group on Slack, just ask for an invite when you’re ready :slight_smile:

I would say the majority of people feel they want to be reasonably fluent before speaking, but you’ve hit the nail on the head - fluency comes with confidence and confidence comes with speaking! But remember, although there are first-language speakers on Slack, by far the majority are learners at various stages who are either going through or have gone through the exact same feelings, so there’s loads of support :slight_smile:


I am really enjoying this so far. I just finished day 4, but it really feels like I should be on day 8 or something. I looked ahead at day 5, even though I don’t have time to do it now (it’s 2 AM and I stayed up this late to do day 4) and it says that after day 5, we will continue “in about a week”.
I’m going to trust the system, but it seems odd to take a break after five days. I want to build the habit of practicing daily, so stopping seems counter-intuitive. I also can’t help but feel I will forget everything in a week.
Anyhow, fingers crossed. We’ll see how it goes.


Bore da
I have just signed up and started the challenges and I am enjoying the learning method. I was brought up in Aberystwyth and picked up some Welsh during my school years. That was a long time ago and I can still remember a little vocabulary but struggle to build sentences. I have lived in England for over 25 years now but I still visit Wales very regularly - or did before lockdown got in the way! I have intended learning Welsh for some years as I would love to be able to hold some conversations when I am back home.


My ancestors were largely Picts, Welsh, and Goths. I’ve traced my lineage back to the late 500s so far and I want to learn their languages to keep their memory alive. I just did the first day, and did it perfectly on the first try. I’m excited to learn more. Hopefully I will be conversing with some of you in Welsh soon.


Hello, I’ve just completed week 30, so just into level 2.
I’ve been really enjoying it and feel really happy to have gone from no Welsh to this stage. I’m not speaking it to other people much at all due to Lockdown and must use WSP on a regular basis. But I text and email friends who speak Welsh sometimes. I wake up in the night with sentences going around in my head😊


Have you been doing the build a sentence day by day (the introductory lesson) as when that is completed and you’ve signed up to the course you can go ahead with the next challenges as and when you want, online or on the phone app. Between signing up after the intro, there is a week gap presumably for admin.


Yes, exactly this! I was awake at 4am this morning trying to remember the Welsh for ‘dog.’ No idea why! The only word I could thing of was ‘cig’ which I knew was wrong! It’s a fairly regular occurrence, I think I’ll have to take my dictionary to bed with me :slight_smile: I’ve also started to spell English words beginning with L as Ll by mistake!


Hi, I can’t seem to find the blue box spoken of in the intro, is this where I write a message?


Ok, think I’m in the right place.

So, I recently moved to Wales from England. My surname is Jones and despite having welsh speaking grandparents (they have passed now) and a few other relatives that know the lingo I don’t speak a word of it. That isn’t completely true, purely from being in the country I have picked up from road and supermarket signs a few words, and the lift at work had taught me a few things as well (I work on flour pip).

It seems wrong that I can speak more Spanish and Italian (only GCSE level of each), than the language of my ancestors and the country that I live in.

Also, I’m new to the area and was hoping that a language lesson would help me make new friends. Lockdown and other restrictions seem to have ruined that plan but maybe there is hope on the internet.


Hi Jackie.
Welcome to the forum.

I’m not sure if you are already learning with SSi (Saysomethingin) or if you’ve just landed here after an internet search, as I did a few years ago.

Anyway, you might be aware that there’s loads of help for you here. You will be able to learn how to speak Welsh without even having to leave your house :slight_smile:

Please feel free to look around the forum (the FAQ section would be a good place to start - see above). Or you could just send an email to if there are any unanswered questions.

In the mean-time, some other forum members will probably be along later to say hello. It’s a very safe forum.

Best wishes


Hi, I’m Martin, I have a place in Abermaw (Barmouth), I’m English and I want to at least get proficient enough to hold down a simple conversation in Welsh. Hopefully then I can improve naturally, without lessons.


Thank you. My first day. Diolch yn fawr. I’m excited.