Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


I’m beginning, too, at age 70! It’s fun so far, but just have learned four sentences. It’s good to know someone else my age is beginning as well.


That’s encouraging to hear. Thanks for posting.


Hello @ann-8 and lovely that you’re diving in and learning Welsh now. A lot of people find it difficult to concentrate on the sounds and learn without the written word at first, but in fact the effort you have to put into that really pays off in the long run. It helps to develop your ability to hear subtle differences in sounds and develop a good Welsh accent, and most people, unless they have a definite hearing disability, find that it becomes easier as you go along and get used to it.

If you decide to go ahead and do one of the standard courses after this, there are vocabulary lists with those so you can have a look at the written words after you’ve gone through a lesson and heard the sounds first.

It sounds like you’re doing well! Dal ati! (Keep it up!) :star2:


I’ve just successfully completed lesson five and so disappointed that that’s the end, I was really enjoying learning and doing so well - I’m feeling bereft - a big low after such a high. Thank you anyway, I learnt basic Spanish with Michel Thomas by this method years ago and always wished I could learn Welsh this way too.


Thank you. I know I am only on day 2 so far but already feel that I would like to learn more when I finish your course. How do I find these further lessons you refer to?


If you can, keep going. It’s worth it, at least for me it’s been.


When you get to the end of the 1 Sentence lessons, you’ll see the options that are available to you - the structured courses cover Levels 1 and 2 with supplementary tasks and online tutorials and support. They cover the same material but run at different speeds - one taking 2 years (an average of 6 minutes a day) and the other more intensive over a period of 6 months.


Thanks, I might look at the 6 minutes a day - I agree, it seems worth going on as I’ve got this far.


Hi, my name is Katie. I’m brand new to Welsh, I started at the new year, on DuoLingo. Another member in the DuoLingo Welsh club recommended this site, and I’m very excited about it so far. The first sentence definitely made my brain strain by the end! And I found the lessons and pretty much just want to keep moving forward through them.

I live in California, but my great gramma spoke Welsh, and her parents were born there. So I’d love to visit someday, and to become familiar with the language.

After reading some of the threads on this forum, it seems likely I will even learn to speak Welsh! I really was only expecting to learn a few phrases…
So this is very exciting. Thank you for making it so accessible. :pray:


Croeso i’r ffrwm, Katie-13! Welcome to the forum. Glad you found it and you’ll find a surprising amount of Americans here. I’m East Coast, Delaware. At some point, you’ll discover where learning Welsh is just a hobby (something to dabble in) or something you truly want to learn. When the latter happens, you will want to speak Welsh with others, instead of your dog, like I do. Below are some of the groups I’m aware of in California that could be a local resource to you. Also, searching Facebook for Welsh Societies can be useful.

The Welsh Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles
Evelyn Mae Hughes
6012 Roy Street
Los Angeles, CA
United States

Welsh Choir of Southern California
Attn: President
2600 Mission Street, Suite 206
San Marino, CA
United States

Welsh-American Society of Northern California
The Welsh American Society of Northern California


Helo @katie-13 a chroeso yma.

@delawarejones spoke about where you can head to for some additional Welsh matters and I’ve remembered there’s one community of American Welsh learners on FB. It’s called “Ameri Cymru” and you find it here. They also have separate site on FB which aims only to post resources for learners and interesting stuff there and you can find it here which admins of both is “Ameri Cymru - West Coast Eisteddfod”, the third site where you can find quite some resources, too.

I’m also very glad you find this site a great one. Always gerat to hear this.

Now just go for learning Welsh.

With using this site and course with it you can very easily end as a good if not excellent Welsh speaker! :slight_smile:

Side effects: you can feel very eager to learn more and more each day and at some point you’d rush to find the speaking partner or conversation group.

(If This isn’t good I don’t know what is! :slight_smile: )

Now you know all!

Tatjana :slight_smile:

One of the best things you can do for this community

A very warm welcome to the forum, Katie… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Noswaith da guys!

Started the one sentence just a few minutes ago…

My kids are from glanaman near ammanford whos family background via there mum is is gloucester and also in swansea and they speak welsh at school but my family background myself is in Abergavenny…although I was born and live in gloucester

Am extremely proud of my welsh blood and love the language and thought hell why not try and learn it !

So here’s to it !


Croeso mawr Ben! Always glad to welcome a new learner from (near enough) my neck of the woods! All the best on your Welsh learning journey - any time you need support or advice, we’re all here to help :smiley:


Croeso ben-10 ar y forwm. (Welcome at the Forum)
I hope you enjoy learning Welsh as much as I do. Don’t hesitate to come here if you have any question. There will always be someone to help.


Croeso to the forum, Ben, and good luck with the course! :slight_smile:


@ben-10 a very warm (early morning) welcome to this forum from me aswell!

Oh, and, I had the privilege to be at the Eisteddfod in 2016 in Fenny and i really loved the event.

Good luck with the learning …

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Shwmae a croeso, @katie-13 ! Hi and welcome! I think maybe you’re the one I was talking to in the Duolingo, perhaps? I met someone in my club who is in California and had a great gramma who spoke Welsh. :smiley:

Shwmae a croeso to you too, @ben-10 ! Welcome!


Thanks y’all! Yes, Sasha, it is me! Thanks again for all your help, so far!

And thank you Delaware and Tatjana for the welcome, and the resources! I’ll check them out!


@katie-13 Yay! I’m glad you’ve made it here and I’m happy I’ve been able to help! You’re very welcome :smiley: