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Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


I’ve just been doing the first 5 sessions and getting my head around that long tongue twisting first sentence! Thanks for this free and great thing SSiWelsh!
My grandmother spoke only Welsh until she was 30 and my mother did as a schoolgirl. I’m exploring it a little for this reason, out of curiosity and because I am studying poetry and would love to read/recite some in Welsh eventually.
If anyone has some good links to poetry in Welsh, past and present then please let me know,


I have just completed the 5 Days and really enjoyed being able to say a few words that were actually useful! We had some Welsh speakers here this week and they understood the whole sentence so that really boosted my confidence.

I’ve done over 200 days with Duolingo which is good for vocabulary but I prefer this one sentence method which is forcing me to use it.

My dad was Welsh but he only learnt the language when he retired. I recently found his ‘Teach Yourself Welsh’ book which he signed in 1990 and I’ve signed it too as I promised him I’d learn as soon as I could :grin:

I’m looking forward to continuing to learn, meet up with other Welsh speakers and to enjoy my heritage.


Really impressed with the one sentence thing! Its got all the struggle-and-give-up angles covered. Would like to learn more but not sure how to progress.


Your next step could be to subscribe to the full course.
You might find these threads useful:

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I’m from Pembrokeshire Wales and have always wanted to speak Welsh. I’ve spent many years trying to learn Spanish with little success until I found pimsleur this year and have found it a game changer for me, but unfortunately they don’t do Welsh on there and I haven’t found any learning system similar, until this!! I have only done lesson one on here so far but already I know that this system of learning will be perfect for me! How far can you go with this? Is there anything more after the 5 days? I hope so :slight_smile: x


One for @Deborah-SSi I think?


I’ve just seen comments from people on here about a subscription and levels 1, 2 and 3. So that sounds great! I’m just looking around to see if I can find prices x


@kate-55 sorry for the delay in replying to you, I’ve been on leave for a couple of days :slight_smile:

The Standard subscription is £10 a month, or you can make an annual payment of £100. Those give you access to all of our online material, so you can learn independently or register for the “6 Minutes a Day” course which will take you through Levels 1 and 2 with a weekly email setting out the tasks for the week.


Hello I’m Elizabeth and I’m 61. I’ve always wanted to learn Welsh but never got around to it, in a previous job they offered 1 hour a weeks Welsh lesson, the problem was no one outside of this class spoke Welsh so it was difficult to learn outside of the classroom.
I’m now in a new job and they encourage Welsh and through them I found this site so thought I’d give it ago again so here I am.
I’m enjoying it immensely but still wish I could practice with someone else outside of this learning tool.


It sounds like you live in Wales, so check out the Menter Iaith organisation in your area. They may have activities that you can go along to, plus the Dysgu Cymraeg organisation for your area will have ‘Sadwrn Siarad’ - Saturday conversation sessions - from time to time. Once you can get along to a few of those, you start to know other Welsh learners in your area and you’ll find more Welsh speakers about :slight_smile: