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Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


Hello there!

I am here via a recommendation from a blog post made by someone I cant recall just now. I am moving to Wales next year and have always said that if I moved to another country I would learn the language. The fact that Welsh is (I believe) a language spoken by some Celtic tribes at the times of the Roman invasion of the UK makes it very cool in my humble opinion…

Anyway, started the 1 sentence email thing and looking forward to finding out more#



Just completed day 2 and surprised myself on how much I retained.



Day 3… I opened my mouth, spoke and had no idea where it came from. Even more surprising, I was right! The last sentence == no chance but it made me laugh to try. I did go back and pause a couple of times because I forgot what the English was half way through speaking the Welsh… :smiley:



Day 4, surprised myself again although very VERY tempting to go back over the material but have resisted the temptation…


I’ve just started with old course 1 North Welsh. It’s really good and frankly I’m amazed at the amount I recall. I find I speak slowly so don’t always finish before Catrin speaks so I do use the pause button but I’m sure I’ll get faster in time :blush:


@karen-ruffell that’s a good way to do it - hover over the pause, but don’t press it unless Catrin starts speaking and you haven’t quite finished what you were saying. As you get faster, the times when you’ll have to do that will reduce.


Hello, I have just started day one!


Pob lwc - good luck!


I a
n not sure how
to post in this forum, so I hope this is the right place. Just started the 6 mins a day and completed challenge 1. How
do I move on to the next challenge.
Sorry its a bit of a trivial question but I cannot work it out.


Helo @bushra! I see you found the solution in the 6/6 Support Slack, so hopefully you’re onto Challenge 2 now :slight_smile:


Thank you! Day 4 now… I’m really enjoying this approach to language learning.


I have just done my second day - and it has been good, though when I repeat the longer sentences, I will often miss out a word. My hearing is not good, I am not quite sure I am hearing/ pronouncing right. Getting old! We retired here several year ago, and it is impossible to access classes, so this is brilliant. i would love to have someone near to practice with


Hello! My name is David, I live in Dolywern in the Ceiriog Valley, North Wales. My wife is Welsh speaking
and I have started to learn Welsh in order to be able to join in with family conversations and understand Welsh TV. I am looking forward to speaking with other Welsh learners. I also sing in a Welsh choir and it would be good to understand the words I am singing!



My name is Dan, I live in California, USA. I have no ties to Welsh. None of my family is from Wales and I don’t personally know a single Welsh speaker, but for some reason I am fascinated with the language. It calls to me somehow. I have studied other languages and disliked them. But, I am very excited to learn Welsh with this program. I just finished day two. I have also been learning Welsh with Duolingo. So, good luck to everyone in their Welsh journey.



Keep an eye on this thread to see if there are any ‘meet ups’ organised near you:


My first post. I’m a Scottish Gaelic speaker and have for long been interested in learning some Welsh - but not made any breakthrough in early efforts. I’m impressed by the tasters and like your style of presentation and your philosophy, and felt I was starting to make a little progress but I’m confused as to where to go now. If I stick with Say Something, what lies ahead? Can I continue to get daily emails? Is the 6 mins a day the only option? I’m not ready for live tutor sessions yet but would like to continue with the type of material I got in the 5 taster sessions where I can do things at my own pace. Any advice would be gratefully received. Diolch.


Welcome Allan!
You can see the full content of the current options here
but it’s also possible to subscribe at the basic rate, get the weekly emails but continue at your own pace without doing the live tutor sessions to start with if that’s what you want to do. I’m sure @Deborah-SSi can advise further.

In the meantime, if I may be a bit cheeky… another new member was asking about translating into Scottish Gaelic here Help for translation into scottish gaelic - perhaps you could help him out?


Diolch. I’ll have a look through the options when my brain is fresh. I replied to your correspondent about the Gaelic question.


Thank you Allen - we like to help each other out on this forum!

Remember, whichever path you decide to take, this forum is always available if you need any support :slight_smile:


Croeso Allan! To add to what Siaron has given you, the 6 Minutes course is the way to go if you want to receive weekly emails (we don’t have daily ones after the taster). With that comes registration in our SSiW 6/6 Support Slack workspace where you can post questions and get to know others, set up chat partners, and also join the online group sessions. We have Q&A sessions in English, followed by basic sentence creation practice for absolute beginners; we have NEWYDD sessions for those in the first few weeks or lacking confidence to start speaking; we have lots of general Cymraeg sessions to practise conversation; and we have a few Advanced sessions once you reach that point.
The 6 Minutes schedule gives you one 30-minute Challenge (audio lesson) per week to work through at your own pace. You can do it a little each day, or in longer sessions and repeat it a couple of times - that’s up to you. You can also move ahead in the Challenges by using the ‘Learn’ then ‘Challenges’ option on the website, or you can go more slowly, just saving the weekly emails when they arrive until you’re ready for the next one. It’s quite flexible, so whatever suits you.