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Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


Continuing the discussion from Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?:

Many thanks for inviting me to the forum.
Have just completed level 1-5 of your free course and it is brilliant! I have to confess - I lived in North Wales - in the Harlech area - until I was about 7. I went to school there and apparently spoke Welsh as fluently as a child of 7 might, but thought I only remembered the naughty words!!! Then, when I started your programme - after completing anotherfree online course organised by ‘ welsh’ - it started to come back. I am still a long way off but am looking forward to progressing! Whoops - have just seen the date - this is NOT an April fool!!!


I joined yesterday and spent last night in bed repeating my first sentence. I struggled a little due to mishearing the words, once my brain woke up and I realised the ‘vocab’ gave me the printed words I immediately got everything spot on. My shame is that I’ve left it until now to learn my own language.


My first post! I’m learning Welsh because I love Wales. I went to Bangor University 50 years ago where I met my best mate. He is a Welsh speaker, but is not very well and I want to speak to him in his language now since he has spent 50 years speaking to me in mine. I found my way here via Kindle Unlimited I think. I’m not a complete beginner as I have followed the duolingo welsh course since the pandemic lockdown, about 2 years. Dw i’n eisiau dysgu siarad cymraeg nawr.


Struggling to catch the ending of siarad…is if rad or rat. Everthing else is slowly coming together. Slowly being the operative word. I will NOT give up though, speaking Welsh has become important to me. I wish this site had been around 20 years ago.


It’s rad - just as you spelt it :slight_smile:


Thank you for clearing that up. I had settled with rad and hoped I had chosen correctly. It was disconcerting to have that problem so early on in the course. Having got to week 5 I have noticed a definite grip on it begining.Fingers crossed.


hello!! my great grandparents immigrated from wales in the early 1900s. i always thought it was so cool. does anyone know if the people from that time were olive skinned? or still are? just curious. i am so excited to learn welsh. i think it’s so interesting. thank you so much for all you do!!


Hi there. I’m looking forward to my Welsh learning journey. I work in a Welsh speaking school (doing a role that doesn’t require Welsh language.)


Prynhawn da. Adam dw I.

My dad is Welsh but I was born/raised in England (sorry!), however I support Wales in sports and I’m a Swansea fan because of his influence. Seeing the recent Wales national football culture has also been a reason I’ve looked into learning Welsh!

Done a bit of Duolingo and watched an episode of Iaith ar daith (not actually sure what that translates to?) so joined to give learning Welsh a proper go. Had heard of SSiW but didn’t know there was a forum which is great!


It’s “Language On Tour”, but could also be thought of as ‘a language on a journey’.

Welcome to your own language journey! :slight_smile:




Hello! I’m English, but grew up in the US. I now live in London. I’ve always wanted to be confident in speaking another language (I can read and understand basic French from school, but am not at all confident at speaking). I’m intrigued by this method and am excited to give it a try. I like the idea of speaking a lesser known language, so I’m excited to give Welsh a go. Enjoyed the first lesson, but I can tell just how intense this method is already— I hope I can persevere. Thank you! Diolch!


Hi Hailey.
I"d say not in general. But some would be depending on their family heritage or perhsps if they had an outdoor life.


Shwmae! I’ve re started my learning time and time again but this time I’m determined. I find SSIW format much easier to retain than any other course I’ve tried, Diolch! I’d like to be fluent by the end of the year. Best wishes to all learning.



Are later lessons similar to the 1 sentence in Welsh course?

I ask because I’m uncertain of the sentence stress - I feel like I will learn to pronounce the words loosely being pronounced one by one, but by the end of each audio I am super uncertain if the overall sentence pronunciation is anywhere near right as it sounds like a more connected example isn’t given. I’ve wanted to learn Welsh a long time now (I’m originally from Liverpool, so we used to be able to pick up S4C and Welsh radio… and there is plenty of great music and music tradition in Wales in general), just not sure whether to dive in and subscribe or not as if the emphasis is on speaking I’d like to focus on pronunciation overall as early on as possible, I know I won’t get it right straight away but I feel it’s important to have an awareness of it and to feel I have some control of my learning


I’m not sure of the 1 sentence content but I imagine it follows the general SSiW course pattern from which it stemmed i.e. you repeat the words and sentences as you hear them. However, with the structured course subscription you also get the option of online tutor support and chat groups where you can check your pronunciation.


s’mae everyone, i’m amely from germany - i have no connection to wales other than loving the sound of the language and the literature i’ve come into contact with, which is why i want to learn more about wales and welsh culture! what better way than to start with the language, right?
i have a bit of trouble with rolling the ‘r’ but i hope i might be understood regardless … and i want to travel to wales in summer, with some confidence in welsh hopefully !!


Yes, you’ll be understood! There are quite a few mother tongue speakers of Welsh who can’t roll the ‘r’ in the usual way :slightly_smiling_face: