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Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


Thanks for letting me know I posted in the correct place. I am thinking I am as tech-savvy as I thought. I have just finished Day 2 sentences. I guess we are to practice speaking sentences using the vocabulary from Days 1 and 2. Right/


I am not sure whether I am responding or posting to 2022 folk. Am I. I keep seeing posts from 2019-2021.


Yes, practice building sentences with the vocab you’ve learnt - and even with the vocab you haven’t learnt! Throwing an English word in temporarily until you’ve learnt the Welsh equivalent is fine - it still reinforces the patterns and constructions, and the aim of the course is to give you these building blocks that can be adapted.


Yes, 2022 folk are here - it’s just that some threads that started years ago are still running and still used, so you will see posts from further back too, but the most recent posts are always at the bottom of the thread.


Hi, Thanks for responding to my question9S0 so promptly. I worked on Day 2 material. Wow! Listening and responding was quite challenging. I must confess I had to use the pause button. I have a question. If I want/need to hear a lesson again, can I hold off the next day’s lesson until I feel a little better . Or, is it best to plow away and keep up on a daily basis with each lesson?


Yes, you can hold off the next day’s lesson if you wish, but don’t be tempted to keep going over a lesson until you think you’ve totally ‘nailed it’ - it’s often better to move on rather than get bogged down in any one lesson. Your brain will be processing the information even if it’s not quite ready to play it back to you!


Hello, @helen-gillotte-tropp.
It is wonderful that you are starting to learn Welsh before going to Wales. So many people don’t bother. Even if you just manage a few simple greetings, it makes all the difference. Do you know where in Wales you plan to go? Best wishes with your learning.


I know someone else from the US, @helen-gillotte-tropp, who thought she’d just learn enough to pronounce place names before visiting Wales. That was several years ago now, and these days she’s a fluent Welsh speaker! It can become addictive! :joy:

Where does one just post to say hello and introduce oneself on this forum?

Shwmae Pawb! Hello Everyone! My name is Jerome. I am 58 years old and I live in the US. I live with my mum and 2 dogs. I enjoy cooking for my family, gardening, and singing.

So far, I am loving the SSiW approach to learning. I am also delving into a bit of Kernewek.

I have been learning Welsh on Duolingo for going on six years! SSiW has been great because it focuses on aspects of language acquisition that Duolingo leaves out (speaking and listening).

Why do I want to learn Welsh/Cornish? Well, I’m a curious sort of person who has always been interested in how other people express themselves. In my youth, I poured over etymological dictionaries for ‘fun’. Over the years, I have gotten quite a few languages under my belt, both academically and as a sort of hobby. When I started Welsh all those years ago, I fell in love with it.

I happened my way into the SSiW courses after having seen someone post about it on social media. I gave it a shot—and here I am!

Anyway, I hope I didn’t bang on too long.
Thanks so much for this terrific resource!


Welcome to SSiW @jerome-j-de-pape! Best of luck - you’ve made a good choice :slightly_smiling_face: .


Thank you, Baruch!

Dw i’n yfed cwrw Castell Newydd, hefyd.


Pob lwc Trevor.


Okay @jerome-j-de-pape, TWO good choices!