Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


That would scare everyone off! No, just a relaxed chat, cuppa, food if you want to, very casual and friendly.


sounds excellent… :wink:


Looking forward to meeting you, @Ingrid.L. Notepad definitely not necessary - unless you want to sketch @HuwJones’s magnificent profile… :wink:


:rofl::rofl: with my non existing artistic talent that should be very amusing…


Hello Ingrid from a fellow German, resident near Lampeter. If you are about for the next month, why not try Nordic walking, new classes starting at Dolau Cothi “pilate in the Nordic”, FB and website. Tschuess Sabine :slight_smile:


Dear Sabine, thank you for that hint… I shall have a look… :slight_smile: (PS: I was thinking Sabine sounded about as Welsh as Ingrid does… :wink:


unless you want to sketch @HuwJones’s magnificent profile… :wink:

If @Ingrid.L is contemplating taking on such a mammoth task she’ll need a very large bagful of pencils as she will find out when we meet in the Riverside Café, Tregaron at (edit:) 11 am on Saturday 2nd February. I’m looking forward to it especially since it looks as though we will be a truly international group. :smile:


:joy: can’t wait…


Croeso! Ah but Sabine, or form of it, is in my Welsh first name books :slight_smile: Your L is not standing for Lehmann by any chance, my birth name


Is it indeed??? Now, you learn something new every day… No, I am afraid L. stands for Lohr, not for Lehmann… but just “ingrid” was already taken… :wink:


Only to capture your colourful character… :slightly_smiling_face:


:blush: :smile:


It’s a saints name, a mountain range near Rome and a order of nuns…so probably not that surprising. What level are you on?


I was looking forward to the meetings, now I can’t wait…


Level one/Challenge 4 on the app… and then the one sentence thing level one day 4… so really still VERY much at the beginning… :slight_smile:


I have only started last week :smiley: So you are miles ahead


:grinning: “Der Einäugige ist der König unter den Blinden” … can’t find an English expression that would match it… :wink: But you probably have more contact to Welsh speakers, so there you go… big advantage on your side… :slight_smile:


Hihi, hm the one eyed person is the king among the blind…:smiley: think more the blind leading the blind!!

As I said on the Slack site, I know Welsh speakers but even those that know I am trying to learn automatically speak in English, momentum gone. And yes what I learned in nearly 2 years in previous course does not seem to stretch to much more than where do you live, came from, work…not much of a natter there. W

What really amazes me is how the “natives” know who is Welsh or not…and then speak in English…


Yes, it would be a lot easier, if the Welsh did not know how to speak English… :wink: heard there is a Welsh speaking community in Patagonia… THAT might be the place to go and learn (unless you speak Spanish… I don’t… ):rofl:


Alternatively it would help if we didn’t have any English… we could just pretend that we can only offer German or Welsh as a means of communication…