Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


Shwmae, Megan! The group in Fredericksburg doesn’t actually have events centered on the language, but our group in DC does – non-class conversation group, first Saturday of every month, Teaism Penn Quarter near the Archives-Navy Memorial Metro Station in central DC, 10:30- noon. You will be very very welcome anytime!

Our Washington DC Welsh Society – – has other events, too: gatherings to watch rugby and football (aka soccer), a big St. David’s Day banquet coming up on February 23rd, a Christmas carol service, and other stuff. We’re a fun lot. :slight_smile:

There are a few scattered Welsh speakers that I’m aware of around Virginia – one in Staunton, for instance – but the biggest concentration is definitely up here in DC. Where are you?


Helo, tahl! The DC Welsh society sounds fun! Unfortunately, I’m way down in Lynchburg, so logistically, that doesn’t really work for me :frowning:


I finished the “1 sentence in Welsh” emails, and find myself able to understand and say the sentence. :slight_smile:
I also followed along with a couple of the challenges in Level 1.
I just signed up for the 6 month course. I have Welsh radio playing in the background and am ready for Monday to come. :grin:

Maybe I’ll move from California to Wales someday!!

At least a visit… :heart_eyes:


Well done Katie, that’s brilliant! You’ve made a superb start!


Bore da!!
Dw i wedi bod yn dysgu Cymraeg gyda “Say something in Welsh” a fy Cymraeg geiriadur pop dydd.
I’m from Mexico and the Welsh language is completely different, it’s a challenge for me.
Dw i mynd yn Cymru a Dw in angen gwella siarad Cymraeg
Dw i newydd dysgu yr dyddiau’r wythnos, yr misoeddy flwyddyn, yr rhifau, a cymal
I’m happy for my advance, I can have a small talk only in Welsh with my partner.
Mae Say something in Welsh gwych :slight_smile:

Pop hwyl


Sounds like a superb idea! And welcome to the forum and congratulations on getting off to such a flying start :star: :star2:

Wow, how lovely to have someone from Mexico here! Welcome to the forum, Yocelyn, and enhorabuena on what you’ve learnt so far… :slight_smile: :star:


I’ve always been fascinated by my Welsh ancestry. My great grandfather was a hatter, his son was a druggist! Anyway I resolved to put my brain cells to good use by contacting a friend who has learned Welsh to ask her about learning the language. She put me onto SsiW. Today I completed the 5th daily sentence, sent by email and am thrilled by what I have achieved. Thank you! Hilary


Croeso Hilary!

Sounds fantastic - keep up the good work.

The forum is very friendly as you may have seen already…and a great place for questions!

…but you’ve just posted here already so it seems like you have everything figured out !

Rich :slight_smile:


Croeso Hilary,

It’s fascinating to look at the censuses and find out what they did for a living, isn’t it? I sometimes wonder if I have distant cousins here. More than likely. Learning Welsh can give you access to additional information about your family. I recently found a lovely newspaper report of my great aunt’s wedding in a Welsh language newspaper. Pity about the awful poem at the end. Two years ago I wouldn’t even have tried looking for it. Keep being thrilled at your achievements.


Welcome, Hilary! I don’t have any Welsh ancestry, but I love hearing other people’s stories. Well done with your sentences…it’s a great feeling of accomplishment, isn’t it? :slight_smile: Let us know how it’s going for you, and definitely come ask any questions. Have fun!


Brilliant concept - it creates focus and moves you forward.

So I worked hard and learnt to say my sentence. I rattled it off to my South Walian family who listened in stunned silence. Not because they not were impressed (they were) but primarily because they didn’t understand me! Having discussed and Googled, I think it is the classic North v South … Now determined to learn to say something they can understand…

Many thanks


Welcome Megan!


Welcome Beth! Congratulations on the great start! :slight_smile:


Hi All

Bit about me - Many years ago in Primary school our teacher tried to teach the class French and like most children we could not see what the reason for learning the language was. We were much more interested in hearing her speak Welsh, he native tongue which to be honest sounded very cool to our young minds.

I’ve never forgot her so when a Welsh friend had heard I was trying to teach myself from a book (very badly) as to be honest you cannot hear a book he suggested this site.

Very nervous starting off but at the end of a few pays I was impressed with what i can remember.
The repetition really helps as well as hearing the female and male voices. Really enjoying the basic challenges.

My first problem is actually remembering the long sentences in English. I get half way through in Welsh and then think “what was the end of the sentence in English”. He he :slight_smile: I have the welsh swirling round my head but cannot remember the English which is funny.

Thank you for these courses, they are great I will definately be continuing.

All the best



Sounds as though you’re off to a superb start, Andy! Don’t worry about the longer sentences - just do what you can - we’re trying to test your limits and take you beyond them with those, and you get value from hearing the full model even if you’ve only got a couple of words out yourself… :slight_smile:


@andrew-quick Welcome to the forum, Andrew! Most of us have had the same issue with the long sentences-don’t worry about them at all! Say what you can. It does get easier with time, but sometimes Aran is just trying to mess with our minds really push us :grin:

Have fun and come ask questions any time!


You might have been right before the crossing out… :wink: :smiling_imp:


Not a chat, but just some positive feedback. Great idea, well presented and effective!


Brilliant - thank you! :slight_smile:


Hi Emily, I am also a member of OBOD. So many of the old tales are Welsh that learning the language can only benefit the lessons in the stories.