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Cymanfa Codi'r Tô, Nursery Tavern, Coventry - Tuesday February 11th 8.30pm


Coventry SSIW are holding a Cymanfa Codi’r Tô at one of Coventry’s best loved pubs the Nursery Tavern, Lord Street, Coventry CV5 8DA, Tuesday February 11th from 8.30 pm until closing time or until we run out of songs. The Nursery is a real community snug with good beer and lovely people. We’re encouraging as many people to come as possible so please support us if you can and more importantly support Welsh music here in England. We’ll provide lyric sheets and chord sheets :slight_smile: Led by Coventry’s only Welsh male voice choir Côr Cymraeg Coventry! Hope to see some of you there!

@catrinlliarjones, @lornarhodes advised me to tag you on this :slight_smile:

New online Welsh book group

Just in time @andyjone! I’m just finishing off the weekly email so it can go out tomorrow morning.

Unfortunately your post doesn’t have a date and time?


drat! will edit! it’s tuesday 11 feb from 8.30 pm


edited! thank you for spotting!



Are you responsible for the Coventry group Andy? If so, would you mind checking the listing in the firt message of the following thread to check if all the info I have for that group is correct? Diolch! x


Jointly responsible - I’ve already checked them and they are all fine :slight_smile: Thanks!


You’re a star, diolch! :slight_smile:


I wondered if anyone will be recording this or posting it on YouTube/somewhere else?


@annmoore Haven’t made plans to record anything but will make enquiries! Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:


Great, hope it works out :wink:


I was making plans to come to this, but something has come up so I’ll sadly have to miss it now. Have a great time, and please let me know if you do something similar again.


I will do! Thanks @Isata


Hi Andy!

I’ve adjusted the title here to include the date and time in the hope it will attract more attention. I will also put a reminder in the weekly email, that week. :slight_smile:


@catrinlliarjones Diolch!