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Daily Challenge


The Te yn y Grug show is sold out, but Dan y Wenallt (Under Milkwood) is being performed at the Theatr Fach y Maes on Thursday, and it’s either first come first served, or buy on the day.


Do you have tickets?!


No I think I’ve confused myself. We have pafiliwn tickets for the week but I think that’s just day tickets isn’t it? Which is disappointing


Day 35

Yesterday was back in the normal routine after the weekend away. Emma and I had our normal morning of:
Me: Cymraeg
Em: English
Me: Cymraeg
Em: English
Me: Cymraeg
Em: Eng…Cymraeg

I don’t start work until 12 on a Monday, so I listened to Beca a Catrin on the way to the gym, then again while getting myself ready for the day. Then radio Cymru to work.

More of the above with Emma at home before a solid chunk of Welsh. I noticed this has happened more when I’m not around for a bit, Emma reverts back to English more easily. When I’m around more she’s better at staying in Welsh. So I’m taking more of a @gruntius approach and just staying in Welsh. Gentle force.


I’m just thinking that by the time baban is a year old the idea of you two speaking to each other when alone in english will be no more than memory. Da iawn i’ch dau.


Dyna’r gobaith :grin: diolch am dy gefnogaeth! Mae’n helpu mwy na fedri di ddychmygu


Dwi’n medru dychmygu llawer. :laughing::wink:


Day 37

Listened to the second longer sgwrs between Beca a Leisa, wish I had when it was first published then might have managed to get tickets for Te yn y grug :see_no_evil:

When I got home Emma’s mum and dad were there. Normally this would mean Emma would speak In English but she stayed in Welsh and we stayed in Welsh all evening, went out for food together etc etc.

I’ve decided I want to find a project through Welsh. I haven’t decided what that project will be but I’d like a project. I’m going to have a look on the Menter Caerdydd site to see if they have anything. 2 reasons for this; one to give me something to focus on in Welsh. Second, my job isn’t very project based so this will give me something to see through to completion.

Any ideas warmly welcomed :slight_smile:


I’ve just realised I forgot to add Tuesdays!!

Day 36

I worked In Bristol all day. I listened to Catrin a Beca on the way there because I had time in the day to read the transcript and listen again. Then when I got home we carried on in Welsh for a lot but switched a bit To English at times.

To be honest, I can’t remember a lot more…oh yeah! We listened to Ap Cwtsh to help us get to sleep too.


Day 38

Other than dying of Man flu, which you’d never know about because I’m such a hero, day 38 was a bit of a status quo day (i don’t mean there was only 3 chords). Healthy walk around the block to get an ice cream with Emma. We both chatting away in Welsh. I had a little search of the Menter Iaith website but couldnt see anything to get involved in just yet. Cardiff seems to be very much focused on Tafwyl, which I guess makes sense.
I read a bit more of Llanw. Enjoying it much more this time round but it’s taking about ten times as long because Im looking up A LOT of words.


Yes, those are day tickets. But not to worry, the show is being filmed and will be on S4C shortly, will let you know when.
Her comps are:
Monolog, Deialog, Deuawd Cerdd Dant, Alaw Werin; and they take place on the Monday and Tuesday. If she makes stage she’ll be on in the Pafiliwn.
There’s another Stori Dwy Steddfod up, by the way!


Day 39,

Still heroically struggling against the plague. Drive to and from Abertawe to visit our friend was mostly in Welsh, however, English saw a bit of a comeback yesterday. Lots of talking about work let it slip back in again. However, I think the judges gave the round as a draw and Cymraeg is still up on points.

Today will be better. I blame the Man Flu for weakening my defences. I guess if this had all been plain sailing it wouldn’t be a challenge.


Day 40

Went to a lovely food festival in Insole Court in Cardiff with a few friends. Lots of Cymraeg in a very Glantaf fashion (in other words, not quite as strict as bwtcamp :wink:). It’s still a bit odd with a few of them to speak Welsh instead of English but this will change.
Bumped in to someone from the gym who is also a cofi (not one of the ones I’ve mentioned before). I felt much more confident speaking to her…still struggle with some of what she says but I think that’s due to speed.
I also listened to Stori Un (Dwy) Steddfod on the way to work in the morning. Gutted I’m missing Te yn y Grug! I look forward to seeing it on S4C.


Well done Anthony. TBH, with mamiath/1st language friends, I generally catch 50% of what they are saying, but I get a bit more from the general drift/feel/make-up of the conversation. If I remember anything, I look it up later, and job done - I’ve advanced another rung up the ladder :slight_smile:

Hopefully the same with you. Also I find that if you can understand a Welsh person speaking English, you are part of the way to understanding them in Welsh. Not very well explained, but I just mean that it would be harder to understand them if they were speaking, say Portuguese or Japanese.

Anyway - fair play to you, dal ati


Day 41

Emma was working all day today unfortunately, but I met up with her mum and sister (we do spend a lot of time with our families :joy:). This was interesting, I feel very comfortable speaking Welsh with her mum but both her sister and I found it hard to stay in Welsh together. This will change with time but it was strange.

I then felt sorry for myself (man flu is still winning) for a couple of hours before a necessary trip to town to get my laptop fix (unfortunately noone in Apple Cardiff spoke Welsh, on this Sunday anyway).

Then met up with Emma, spoke Welsh for a bit, before picking up my dad (more family) so back to English. We went for a bbq at the in-laws, and Emma’s uncle was visiting from Llandwrog so it made for a very bilingual evening. The nice thing was it was a bilingual evening not just a “there are non-Welsh speakers so let’s do everything in English” evening.

Emma’s uncle is going to take us to Tŷ Coch in Morfa Nefyn next week while we’re up that way. I have a good feeling next week is going to turn into a mini- bwtcamp for Emma and I. Fingers crossed anyway


Day 42 (week 6)

Today felt like it was largely going to be a listening day. Listened to Beca a Rhys D. Williams and Beca a Marc Jones. Listening to Marc has definitely got me daydreaming about setting up a proper Canolfan Cymraeg in Cardiff. However, I wouldn’t have a clue where to start. Since the Mochyn became no more we haven’t had a place that’s genuinely Welsh speaking. Chapter runs a lot of the things Saith Seren does, like classes etc., but you’re not guaranteed a Welsh speaking member of staff. Nor in Y Hen Lyfrgell. :thinking:

Emma was out watching Kinky Boots so I didn’t think I was going to get much conversation time in. So instead, I did a bit more crawling my way through Llanw. Fortunately I was still wide awake when she got in. So we had a good chat before she fell asleep. I then read a bit of Asterix a Gorchest Prydain which I bought ages ago on one of the bootcamps and haven’t looked at since I couldn’t understand the first page. This was a nice barometer of progress!


As you are not with y Saith Seren either. Enough said here for now.


Interesting…I’ll pick your brains about that next week


I really doubt we’ll be there on the Thursday. The 8th is my wife’s birthday so her choice of day out … I doubt that the 'Steddfod will get a look in. I’m still hoping though. We may be there earlier in the week though.


Day 43

A Status Quo day. I listened to Marc Jones again in the way to Bristol before switching over to Radio Cymru. Working in Bristol did not include loads of Welsh…surprisingly…got home, we had about an hour before our friends came over for tea.

One of the two that came over is learning Welsh through the Senedd so we’ve decided we’re going to have a evening of chess to help him ymarfer.

After they left i read a bit more of Asterix before falling asleep.