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what verb is didest or ddidest in challenge1.7, please?
(Please let me know if this question should be somewhere else or on the slack thing or what)


The root form is dweud (to say). Dudest ti means you said (for those grammatically inclined, it’s the short form preterite in the 2nd person singular). Written / pronounced like this makes me think that you’re learning the northen version. Another form you make come across in the south instead is (d)wedest ti.

Instead of making a post in a new thread, you could have used this thread here:

And if you want to use our Welsh Speaking Practice Slack, we have a channel for grammar questions, which is appropriately named #grammar-questions :slight_smile:


thank you very much for comprehensive clear response. Should have known it was dweud I suppose but I’m still confusing dweud and siarad.
Is there any preference between the two forums, this and Slack? Why are there two incidentally, are there pros/cons to either if I was to pick one and ignore the other or should I keep watch on both?


Both platforms exist side by side, as both serve different purposes. The forum is older, and since its inception the main purpose was for users of the SSiW lessons to get support and a platform to give feedback and to ask questions. By its very nature as a message board, the communication on here is stored long-term, and using the search you can find exchanges that happened years ago. On the other hand,sometimes questions that get asked hang around unanswered for a few hours.

Slack was introduced to facilitate speaking sessions online, such as Skype or Zoom meetings, and as such it has a bigger focus on realtime interaction, direct messaging and fleeting conversations that aren’t stored long-term.