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Dee gets the Penderyn!: the Great SSiW Giveaway Leaderboard


Caz strengthens her hold at the top of the tree - and is just 3 referrals away from a free Bootcamp!!

Dee is up to the bottle of Penderyn! And Alex is within a whisker of the wine…

And welcome to Linda and Barry on the leaderboard…

New ads starting today. Good time for a final push, ladies and gentleman… one last week, and then this offer is off the table, and the competition is over… :slight_smile:

1 - Caz Harris 22
2 - Gill Benjamin 19
3 - Bronwen Lewis - 17
4 - Jenny Liddell 11
5 - Cai Novem 8
6 - Maria Cronje 7
7 - our very own Dee McCarney! 7**
8 - another of our own - Nia Llywelyn! 4
9 - Alex Clewitt 4
10 - Joanne Taylor 3
11 - Helen Sharma 3
12 - Lisa Parry 3
13 - Richard Buck 3
14 - Aran! 3
15 - Gruntius 2
16 - Gareth Fletcher 2
17 - David Usher 2
18 - Robert Morgan 2
19 - Jacqui Thomas 2
20 - Anna Reindlova 2
21 - Laura Morgan 2
22 - Christopher Parker 2
23 - Catharyn Edwards 2
24 - John Young 2
25 - Rosie Johns 2
26 - Sean O’Neill 2
27 - Mark Gubb 2
28 - Richard Huw Morgan 2
29 - Hana Hannah 2
30 - Katerina Pavlakis 2
31 - Kelly Hibbert 2
32 - Claire Moore
33 - Shaun
34 - Aled Powys Williams
35 - Hannah Jones and Sophie Davies
36 - Gareth Filer
37 - Angharad Lewis
38 - Gareth Morgan
39 - Gwen Beynon
40 - Danielle Davies
41 - Ani - do we have your name in this thread somewhere?
42 - Amy Duggan
43 - Paula Ellis
44 - Jess Allen
45 - Carolyn Ayer
46 - Julia Ault
47 - Sandra Harries
48 - James Ridley
49 - Ieuan Hughes
50 - Osian Rhys
51 - Karen Sawyer
52 - Jennifer Chiba
53 - Mark Hinton
54 - Emma Powell
55 - Lloyd Mahoney
56 - Sophia Morgan Swinhoe
57 - Sue Davis
58 - Rachel Brydon
59 - Lynne Hughes
60 - Jackie - can we find out who this is, to credit her properly? It’s not Jacqui Thomas is it?
61 - Kelly Osborne
62 - Debbie Ollis
63 - Becky Rowe
64 - Siobhan Evans
65 - Jane Whiting
66 - Fiona Dix
67 - Elin Williams
68 - Simon Moss
69 - Carolyn Hodges
70 - Linda Jones
71 - Barry Fôn

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

And remember, to be properly credited and for us to figure out where to send the prizes, you need to have your name entered on the original info thread: Share our biggest discount ever and get LOADS of prizes :-)

[Note to self: Brian, 24/05, 11.32]

Share our biggest discount ever and get LOADS of prizes :-)

Cheeky little midday update… :wink:


Whoa, quite a lot of dramatic changes overnight! Hang on, let me just figure them out (I’ll edit the first post)…


Ah no, Im bouncing up and down like a yo-yo :money_mouth_face:


Hopefully you’ve seen a spike in people signing up … that’s the important thing after all.


No question about it - sharp jump the last couple of days - it’s going to be fascinating to see how far we can keep it going until the party - if it ends up making a serious difference, I could definitely imagine it becoming an annual thing, perhaps with even bigger prizes… :slight_smile:


Leaderboard people - we’re shouting about you on Facebook too :star: :star2:

I’d love to be able to tag you in the Facebook posts - but of course it’s pretty tricky knowing who’s who! If you could leave a comment on the latest update post, then I’ll be able to try and tag you in the next one… :slight_smile:


Erm … hello? :wave::wink:


People like myself with multiple handles perhaps… So long as they learn, I’m happy. Sole gloria @aran @Iestyn Et al


Tagged myself and congratulated the leaders (through gritted teeth)


Diolch! Don’t get mad, get even… :wink: :sunny:


Some big movers again today… :star: :star2:


What a lively weekend! My final hope is now it’s this complicated to keep it organised, it’s too complicated for anyone to see if I make a mistake… :wink:

And remember, mistakes are good!

I’ve just been thinking - of course the date for the Manics tickets is coming up rapidly…

So, if we don’t get our first person to 10 referrals this week, the Manics tickets to WHOEVER gets the most new referrals between now and next Monday.

So while Cai and Bronwen are still in the box-seat there, with a fighting chance of getting to 10 - apart from that, pretty much everyone is starting from today in the race to see the Manics… :heart:

split this topic #14

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Now, where have we heard that? :wink:

I wouldn’t make the Manics at any rate from here


OOOOH is it just me or is it getting exciting? I’ve got to admit, I thought Bronwen would get shy (and perhaps slightly vertiginous) and that when Cai powered past, his raw international determination would make it a one player game - BUT NO!!! BRONWEN STRIKES BACK!

It’s better than Formula 1 in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY. :heart:


Um, had I actually updated the post when I bumped this up before? Too many tabs open in my mind… :wink:

Tatjana, you’ve done so much to help spread the word - if it’s tough now, because there aren’t all that many potential learners in Slovenia, we’re still hugely grateful for all that you’ve done before… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :star2:


And another bunch of changes - talk about nip and tuck at the top! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Good heavens. Bronwen, you have just amazed us all. Utterly, utterly impressed.

If any of your secrets are LEGAL, it would be stunning fantastic if you’d share them in here… :slight_smile: :heart:


Well, I’m thrilled, of course, and would just like to thank my family for all the support they’ve given me over the years… but seriously, that’s far too many rewards for one person! And for doing what? Just letting people know about a ridiculously cheap and life-enhancing offer! So… dinner with Aran and Catrin, or tickets for the Manic Street Preachers? [Nanosecond pause…] I’m going to face my fears, and gratefully accept the dinner invitation, sitting near Catrin. And @Aran can decide who deserves the gig tickets.

I don’t really have any secrets; everything I’m doing is outlined on another thread, How to help each other win prizes.

I’ve noticed a few people crossing the street when they see me coming, so I may be running out of steam. But there’s still almost a month to go, and there are thousands of people out there, who with just a nudge from you, can do something which will open up a whole new world to them. So dal ati, pawb! [Keep at it, everyone!]