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Dee gets the Penderyn!: the Great SSiW Giveaway Leaderboard


That’s this thread, folks: How to help each other win prizes - and now you know, Bronwen is just doing straightforward stuff, consistently.

Any single one of you could read that thread, do the same as her, and get the same results :star: :star2: :star_struck: :smiley:

So what shall we do with the gig tickets, folks? Your opinion, please!

As far as I can see, we can:

  • give them to Cai now
  • give them to whoever is next to hit 10 referrals
  • give them to the highest number of referrals this week - oh, no, that’s Bronwen! So give them to the SECOND highest number of referrals this week?

What do you think would be best? :slight_smile:


I will sadly still be in Finland sitting a chemistry exam then so can’t take them. But I like the “second (or third if I’m second :smile:) highest number of referrals this week” idea


I know we’re trying to get as many referrals as possible, but how about a suprise boost for those who think maybe they’ll never be in the running… what if anyone who has their name on the leaderboard (i.e. 1 referral or more) by, say, midnight on Sunday has their name put in a hat and whoever’s name is drawn from the hat on Monday gets the tickets? If they on the leaderboard but cannot make the gig, they can say so before the draw and take their name out (but only out of the draw for the tickets, not for the rest of the prizes!). ??


Ooh, synchronicity… superb idea, and also what Bronwen just suggested in a PM… so I think that’s the one for us!

Right, now, need to clear head and explain it to everyone… :slight_smile: :heart:


Just when I was thinking it would be fun to have @siaronjames write a question about the Manics (now we know she does that already for Rhannu tv quiz) :grin: and first to answer and prove he/she’s #1 fan wins! :sunglasses:

p.s. drawing names from a hat is fine, but I just wanted to say that anyway!


That’s a brilliant idea. You can eliminate me from that draw too because, well, it’s the Manics. :grinning:

Good luck to everyone else though. :+1:


I was going to swap them for tickets to see Bryn Fôn if you won…


Ooh, can I retract my last statement?:wink:

Anyway, I’ll be more than happy with the signed Bryn Fôn CD.


Well, first past the post apparently isn’t universal :sweat_smile:. Runner up…second to arrive is fair…unless at the last minute @aran comes in from behind in which case we all cheer :innocent:


Capital… Not that I was a threat, I had already pulled out for the concert too (and dinner sadly …quietly holding the option of a rain cheque…)but not abandoning the other prizes. Totally unsurprised to see it evidenced here in so many posts how altruistic SSiWers are in general.
Different politics (which we leave pretty well at the door) sooo many different cultures and mixed backgrounds and nations.
@tatjana @siaronjames @BronwenLewis Et al.
Kudos everyone!
When we work together like this, I see the power of the old tongue moving the world!
ps. I couldn’t tag Joseph himself… Helpu fi anyone?


Ooh, it’s heating up at the top! :heart: :heart:


Oh, and if you implement any of the tactics on the ‘help each other’ thread (How to help each other win prizes) it would be wonderful to hear about it… :slight_smile:

Also - the raffle for the Manics tickets, I think, starts on Monday (yes, currently no time at all to do anything apart from drive kids to and from karate and ballet… :wink: ).


Caz and Jenny are on a roll, but nothing can slow Bronwen down…

[She’s told everyone what she’s doing. Nothing secret or complicated, just consistent… there’s still time for you to get rolling and win a bunch of prizes… :slight_smile: ]


Ooh, BIG moves - Jenny’s grabbed hold of second place!

And Gill has gone all the way from 26th to 6th in one weekend :star: :star2:

Okay, right, those Manics tickets… AND a lovely extra prize of a 500ml tub of ice cream from the wonderfully named Aran Hufen Iâ in Bala!..

EVERYONE who makes a SINGLE referral between now and 8 o’clock on Friday night will go into a raffle - with the tickets as one prize and the ice cream as another… :slight_smile:

It seems common so far for us to have even just 10 to 15 separate people getting referrals coming through in the course of a week - so this is likely to be one of the best chances to win a raffle you’ve ever had.

Just copy Bronwen’s straightforward ideas, or write a letter to a local paper, or think of one different idea, and you could be on your way to see the Manics or rewarding yourself with Welsh ice cream :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Loving the leaps in the leaderboard @aran!
As you may have noticed, my name isn’t on the list let alone the leaderboard! (don’t ask - I have my reasons! :wink: ) However, I have been passing the word about, albeit by requesting that anyone signing up uses someone else’s name (that is on the list) as a referral.
Anyway, because when the Cwmni Da questionnaires for competitors in the Snowdonia Marathon come back each year, there are always some people who answer the “do you speak Welsh” bit with things like “I wish I could” etc, so I’ve shared the offer on the Snowdonia Marathon FB page. BUT I’m a little concerned that my name could still get put down as the referrer and that the discount won’t be valid, so just in case you do get any with my name on, please can I ask you to allocate any number I accumulate to another SSiWer? Maybe whoever is at the very bottom of the leaderboard on the penultimate day (to avoid any accusations of favouritism :wink: )?


The discount will be valid, so no need to worry about that - and I love the idea of adding any you get to the bottom of the leaderboard - real good angel stuff… :slight_smile: :star2:

Hear that, everyone? Just get yourself onto the leaderboard, and there’s a chance you’ll pick up some extras courtesy of Siaron… :slight_smile: :star_struck: :heart:


nah - my halo slipped years ago :crazy_face: .
I just get mischevious pleasure from mixing things up a bit! :wink:


Yeah well-I heard tell there’s some Snatchers in the Forest of Dean…best look out :no_mouth:


Yikes, I missed a day without even noticing! So I suppose I deserve how fiddly and confusing this update was… :wink:

But WOW - some really brilliant stuff going on. It’s going to be so much fun sending all these prizes out… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :heart:


Great to have another guest at the dinner party, @carin-harris - and you know where you’ll be sitting…