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Di on Bootcamp needing access to Level 1


I know this is the wrong place to post this but I cannot find the right place or how to do it. Afraid my IT illiteracy is not helping with my “dysgu cymaeg”.

Hoeing SOMEONE will see it and reply.

Have completed lesson 15 on the level one course but cannot progress to the next lesson without paying. I need to do up to 25 in prep for the Bwtcamp!

I thought I could do the 25 lessons free then pay for future lessons.

Am I wrong?

10 years ago today

Hi Di,
Yes, there is now a paywall after lesson 15 (this thread may help).
I’ll tag @aran and @dee for you - they can explain further.


Yes, that’s correct. The first 15 lessons of Level 1 are currently free, with a £10 monthly subscription required after that, which gives you access to all of our Welsh material.


Hi Di - I’ve answered your private message - and asked Ifan to set you up with access to the rest of Level 1 now… :slight_smile:


One person closer to 1 million, @aran


its not happened yet Aran!


Very sorry to hear that, Di - I’ll flag it up again for today and follow up, so you should be good by this afternoon - sorry for the delay.


Thanks . Really need to crack on!


Wedi ei gael!