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Did you see Beca on Heno last night?


Beca did an excellent overview of everything going on with SSiW on Heno last night - and well done to the starring Panto performers, too! :star2:

It’s here, at 05:35 in…


@catrinlliarjones for the email :slight_smile:


It was a great segment!


Wow, give @beca-brown several gold stars :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: what a plug - panto funny too! :smile:

Rich :slight_smile:


Just saw it. @beca-brown did great!
I’m sure the few who still haven’t heard of SSiW wonders will be impressed! :wink:

However I didn’t know what a panto is and to be honest I’m not sure I quite get it. :hushed:
Must be a very British thing. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


All you want or need to know here (including its partially Italian origins :wink:) :


Ok so who started this thread??? Was it @aran!!! Anyone want to know what ‘I resign’ is in Cymraeg!!!
Thank you for your kind comments. What you didn’t see was my Skype not working until it was dangerously close to ‘action’, and me creating a phone tripod out of 6 books and a banana…


It’s usually a Christmas thing, but hey, as everything else is out of kilter, might as well have a panto in May!


That’s the way to go! :rofl:
This reminds me so much the interviews for our documentary: all sort of technical problems popping up, anxiety level +10000, feeling you’ll never make it and then all of a sudden the MacGyver in you and the Forces of Universe align last minute and everything goes fine! (well almost, but the audience doesn’t know!) :sweat_smile:


Ooooops! :grimacing:

I hadn’t recognized the link - it reminded me more of the Pantone colour palette thing:laughing:!

By the way word “pantomima” is still used in everyday life, although slightly old-fashioned, meaning drama as in drama queen. :grinning:

Oddly enough on the performance side we actually kept the second half of the word, and acting style from the ancient tradition it refers to: “mime”!


I’ve just checked Geiriadur yr Academi, and it turns out there isn’t actually a way to say that in Welsh. Sorry about that… :slight_smile:


I will hunt you down, Jones!


Maybe we should put this to a popular vote… :wink:


Right, that’s it, I’m looking in Geiriadur yr Academi for “sailing very close to the wind”…


Naddu yn agos (iawn) i’r drafel, apparently.


Ww, dwi’n licio hynna. Mae gwneud i mi isio gwneud o :joy:


In Welsh soap opera speak ‘I resign!’ is “Stwffia dy job!”.

You’re welcome.


That certainly does it! :rofl: