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Dietary Requirements for the SSiW Party - Let us know!


Any chance of your putting ice-cream on the menu, please?
For me, it’s on a par with an advert you probably won’t remember:- “Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, there’s a wonderful world you can share, etc…” My favourite memory is making snow angels on the lower slopes of Craig Aderyn (Bird Rock), eating an ice-cream as we did. More like icy-cream…
My dad ran the 24-hr breakdown service for a large garage in Portsmouth and they held the contracts for Smith’s crisps and Wall’s ice-cream. Guess what we grew up on? :rofl::heart_eyes:


Two vegetarians please… Thanks.


I’m not sure quite how you’re adding all these up, but just to avoid overbooking veggie meals, I booked one via Catrin’s thread, and I only want one other, not two as in the previous post. I hope that makes sense, and sorry for the confusion - I couldn’t get, or at least failed to get, a second on Catrin’s list.


Sorry, am being a bit dim this morning: are you booking 2 people as vegetarian in total? Don’t worry about which threads/polls you’ve posted on, either. We’re keeping a tally of usernames for the requests alongside so we won’t be double-counting. HTH


Sorry, Justine. Yes, just two vegetarian people in total.


It’s me, not you, honest! Brilliant - thanks for clarifying. All duly noted :slight_smile:


Ok, I did answer the poll, but kind of as a hybrid of myself and my hubby so just to clarify here then:

vegetarian (no meat/chicken/fish/eggs)
dairy ok

vegetarian (no meat/chicken, but fish/eggs ok)



Thanks for the clarification. Just for the avoidance of all possible doubt, is your OH on the forum too and if so, has he answered separately as well? Cheers!



My hubby’s not on the forum! Has not answered himself!

FYI, if it’s simpler, “gluten-free vegan” captures all of the restrictions! :+1:


Other Half :slight_smile:

That’s fine - just wanted to check that you’d answered for both of you. Thanks for clarifying. No problem to accommodate what you’ve asked for; just didn’t want to double-count.


I’m veggie!


Hi @justineabbott vegetarian & an avocado allergy. Thanks, Pippa


How far and how fast…you have to sleep sometime…


I don’t eat dairy but everything else is fine.


Glancing back at this thread, I realized that it’s not clear … is it sufficient to have sent a message to @justineabbott - or also necessary to post here, or do the poll … ?


any one of those will do to get your requirements on the caterers’ list. I have checked my DMs, though, and can’t see a message from you, so could you resend it if you chose that route? Thanks!


A productive meeting with the catering manager this morning and all dietary requirements and allergy advice passed on. :grin: