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Disgwyl meaning


Good evening (noswaith da),please help,regarding the word disgwyl,I’m currently on level 2 challenge 1,in the challenge disgwyl is referred to as" maen nhw’n disgwyl" they look.
In Pembrokshire when I connect through the medium of Welsh,people don’t recognise disgwyl in the context that is given in the challenge.
I also read and use the book Welsh in 12 weeks
by Julie and Phylip Brake,where they say disgwyl as expect.
I’d love your help in confirming its meaning.
Diolch yn fawr. Andrew


I’ve also heard various meanings. Good question


disgwyl has several meanings, many of which are also covered by other verbs.
to expect
to look
to watch
to wait
to await
who uses which and where does vary - you’ll hear it used as ‘to look’ more in the South than the North, but that’s not to say everywhere in the South uses it that way.


The old South Course 2, used disgwyl for to look. Lesson 8 by my notes. Note it means to look as in to look at or glance at, not in the sense of to search for.


Does disgwyl mean the same as aros. I have used aros for to wait and to stay but North Wales has disgwyl for to wait. Any views. Nigel


Disgwyl - like aros - can mean to wait, but it’s more in a sense of to wait with expectation. But there’s no problem using aros for to wait in north Wales :slight_smile: