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I know many parents who struggle to keep up with their children’s mastery of the language at home. So, while SSIW levels are great in helping them meet strangers and asking them ‘to speak a little more slowly “ etc, it might be helpful in the early lessons if such expressions as: I love you darling” and “would you mind fetching the newspaper?” and “which cereal are you having this morning?” and “Its time to get up if you want to catch the bus” and ”I prefer red wine to white, especially the Dornfelder grape” and “please pass the butter” and “who’s doing the washing up?” to suggest but a few to impress the children!


How about “Will you PLEASE be quiet for half an hour? I’m trying to listen and think!” :rofl:


There is the level 2 favourite “if only I could trust you to play together without quarreling.”
I always thought Aran said that one with particular feeling. :slight_smile:


I’m still on level one atm :grinning:


There is quite a lot about children in Level 2 - admittedly more aimed at talking to others about their/your kids.

I’m sure @catrinlliarjones would do a few Gair y ddwrnod entries along the lines your thinking of, if we ask nicely :blush:


It’s a different enough linguistic environment (dealing with kids) to require a very different initial course - it’s not just a few phrases here and there - I’ve built a fair amount of that different course, but getting the time to finish it off is proving challenging…


@aran, oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to imply criticism of the course, or of all of the hard work done by yourself and the others. I’ve commented before on the forum and slack about how brilliant the course is and how much I’m enjoying it all. I very much appreciate it all. :grinning:
I was joking about my obsessive-ish need to shut out everything and focus on y Cymraeg. It’s the same if someone has the temerity to interrupt PyC!
My girl is grown up now and I’m trying to convince her to learn too, by casually dropping sentences into our conversations here and there. So I don’t need child appropriate phrases but thanks anyway.
A rambling post, which is intended to say ‘Sorry and thanks’ :hushed::confused:


Didn’t take it like that at all! This sort of input is always HUGELY interesting and helpful for us… :star: :star2:


Diolch a phew! (Bew?).
Could I suggest the phrase “Can you put down your phone for 10 minutes please, so I can practice my sentences?” :rofl:


Fedri di roi dy ffôn i lawr am ddeng munud, plîs, er mwyn i mi gael ymarfer fy mrawddegau, perhaps? (Or something like that, I think…)