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East Coast Time Zone Meetup Beginning


Diolch, David
Well i ti ddim stopia siarad Cymraeg :grinning:
(You better not stop speaking Welsh)


Good luck, and study hard!


Best of luck with your studies! I know I’ve been completely absent lately, because life is extremely busy right now, but I look forward to joining back in when you are ready. Have a great summer - study hard, but don’t forget to have some fun! :slight_smile:


If any of you want to keep chatting in Welsh, make sure you’ve joined the Welsh Speaking Practice Slack group. There is a channel there called #the-americas especially for you to find others in your time zones to chat with.

If you’re not a member, send an email to with WSP as the subject and we’ll send you an invitation. If you’re in contact with any Welsh societies over there, let them know about the WSP. The more people that join it, the more chance of just popping in and finding someone to chat with.


Thanks, Dee. Yes, I am a member.