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East Coast Time Zone Meetup Beginning


Ah, thank God. Another Gog. I was fearing I was the only one. HA!


I would like to join, too! I’ve been learning southern Welsh for a few months and I love it, but I’m terrified of actually using it around anyone. I mostly use it to talk to my baby, and while he seems appreciative, I don’t get much back. I hope to be back home by 7 tonight. I don’t know anything about platforms. What have you decided to use? Is it still starting tonight? Thank you for organizing this! I’ve been looking into groups around me, but I haven’t found anything.


Sorry, I see the conference call stuff up there. Ignore my question! I am a beginner (started level 2 a little bit ago, but don’t feel that I could carry on a real conversation).


Go Gogs!! I have to say this will be my second conversation. My first was at NAFOW. So a little nervous, but excited to get my conversational skills going!!


I’m still on level 1, so you got me beat. :grinning:


You will be surprised with how much you can actually say. You know present, future and past tenses, already. At this point adding more vocabulary words will help immensely. At least it does for me. In terms of completing Challenges, I’m working on Level 2, Challenge 3. Sounds like we are around the same knowledge level. I consider my a siaradwr Cymraeg with a limited vocabulary.

It’s interesting to read how nervous everyone is, myself included, but we are coming together to share an interest, maybe a passion, and help each one another learn. I’m excited for the opportunity.


If only it was a race. :smile:


Hello! I just saw this and missed last week. Not sure if this is happening weekly…?


Damn! I just remembered about this–at 8 pm. How did it go? Will it be happening weekly? I can’t do next Thursday but after that, I hope to join, if I can remember to show up!


We had the first weekly meet up and I think it went great. @AnnaC @KellyMoore @jennifer-thomas-mend @laurawydapszeniczny @Abbey joined the meeting and we all told one another a little about ourselves and asked questions and laughed. We even learned a bit of color from Laura’s Grandma.

We will do it again next Thursday, October 25.


Brilliant - fantastic news - well done you all! :star: :star2: And especially Delaware Jones for all his work and energy… :slight_smile:


I had such a great time last night! Thank you @delawarejones for the coordination of it all. Looking forward to next week!


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get out of work on time, so I ended up getting home around 8 or so last night. How did it go?


It was fun. Everyone had multiple opportunities to speak.

That’s always the issue, right! I’ll add to this thread as a reminder next week. Maybe that will help.


Thanks @delawarejones for organizing the meetup. It was great to be with everyone and ymarfer siarad Cymraeg!


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It’s time for another Thursday meeting talking discussion.
Tell a short funny story about yourself, child or pet. Remember each listener will ask you 1 question to answer. See you all this Thursday.

Conference Information below: You can either call-in via the call-in number or video-conference.

Dial-in number (US): (605) 475-4896

Access code: 267527#

Online meeting ID: delawarejones

Join the online meeting:


I can’t make it this week, but keep me on the list, and I’ll set myself
a reminder for next Thursday.


@delawarejones I enjoyed chatting last week, even if I was unprepared and spoke little Cymraeg. Thank you for organizing!
I likely will not be able to participate this week. The kids have a Halloween party 6-8. Please keep me on the list as I intend to rejoin next week. Thank you!


Oh, hey, you got Laura up and running!! Superb work, @delawarejones! :slight_smile: :star: :star2:

Braf IAWN dy weld di ar y fforwm, Laura… :slight_smile:

This is some really fantastic stuff you’re doing here, Court :star2: :star: