East Coast Time Zone Meetup Beginning


Thank you, Dee. That’s very thoughtful of you. So far it’s going great and it’s improved my Cymraeg.


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Good evening, Everyone:

Looking forward to this Thursday’s meeting. This week’s topic for discussion is a hobby or interest that you enjoy.

Cymraeg for hobby is ‘hobi’ or plural ‘hobïau.’


Hey! I have to bow out this evening! I have a real bad ear issue and listening is quite difficult. Everything sounds like it is underwater in my right ear. I don’t think it would help to try and figure out what people are saying when my hearing is off.
I hope everyone has a great chat and I will see you back next week!


@KellyMoore That doesn’t sound fun :frowning_face: Hope you feel better soon!

@delawarejones I’m planning on joining tonight’s meeting - hopefully as easily as last week :grinning:


I’m sorry to hear you won’t be joining. Feel better soon!


Login a couple of minutes before to be sure it’s working.


Unfortunately, the past couple of weeks, I have had something planned right at the time of the meeting. Hopefully I’ll be able to join in next week. Apologies again for missing it last night.


It was fun last night…thanks @delawarejones

Now we just have to get Court some kind of hobby involving wool… :smiling_imp: :sheep: :wink:


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Sorry for so late in replying, but we had another fun meeting. We learned everyone either hand spins yarn, knits or crochets…except, as AnnaC points out, me. Does it count if I wear woolen clothing and can appreciate wool as ‘art?’ :smile:


Well, we’ll let it do for now:smile:


Its okay @delawarejones! I don’t knit, sew, crochet either! I cook and bake, which is my hobby and used to be my profession. So you are not alone!!!


That’s easy for you say, @KellyMoore! You weren’t surrounded by a mob a “mad” knitters, gashing at me with their crochet hooks and #10 knitting needles. :rofl: The horror!


Gah! Sounds deadly! I should have been there defending you with my chef’s knife! :grinning:


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Hello, Everyone:

This week you have a chance to focus on past or present tense. For this week’s topic recall a Thanksgiving story or what you will be doing.

See you all this Thursday at 7PM EST.


I’m looking forward to it! I was sorry to miss last week. Just making sure—did the meeting time change to 8?


My question too. I have it as 7-8 in the newsletter :frowning:


Thank you Abbey and @dee for the correction. The time HAS NOT changed and it’s still set for 7-8pm EST. I’ve updated the post


Okay, thanks. 8:00 is actually easier for me, but I know it’s getting pretty late!


So sad! I just realized that I will not be able to participate for two weeks! This week my daughter has a drumming concert and next week is Thanksgiving! I will miss all of you! So, enjoy your Thanksgivings and I will see you on November 29.


You are missing out for a good cause, though!