East Coast Time Zone Meetup Beginning


I’ll be able to make it this week. See ya’ll then.


Perffaith, Allison. See you tomorrow.


@delawarejones Hoping I’m going to be able to join in tonight but it’s possible I may have to bail at the last minute…depends on the timing of other things going on today. Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:


I´ll be there tonight … if there is room?


@AnnaC - Fingers crossed here too! Hope you can make it.
@Bobi - You are welcome, also. Please join and come prepared to tell a short story about a past Thanksgiving or what you are doing this Thanksgiving. Or if you want to simply say “sh’mae” and listen to the group, that’s fine, too.


Diolch yn fawr pawb! Oedd yn gwych!


Sorry it didn’t work out for me tonight. :frowning_face: See you all after Thanksgiving!


@AnnaC you were missed and you missed out on several really interesting stories.
@Bobi @Abbey @Allison joined in today’s meeting and we learned about current and past Thanksgivings. We enjoyed seeing Abbey’s son perform a meeting-bomb and he entertained the group. It was very cute. Bobi joined for the first time and we discovered he is going to SSiW Big Party next year…lucky him. Another fun meeting!

We will take next week off for Thanksgiving but keep practicing.


It was a fun meetup again, thank you! I told Simon he can only participate again if he speaks Welsh, though. He’s got hello and goodbye down.


Yes he does and now and if he can answer “sh’mae” and reply with “a chi?” he would be set.


Hi Everyone,
So sorry I missed this past Thursday. That morning, I had traveled to a business meeting about an hour away from home. Snowstorm hit in the afternoon, and then to freezing rain. It took me nearly 5 nervewracking hours to get home, and then I destressed with some “gwin goch”. Gormod gwin goch, in fact. :wine_glass::yum:


You were missed too, and getting stuck in snowstorms is awful. “Gormod gwin coch…” too funny.


I get very nervous too …it’s stopped me joining these groups but I must just jump in


Croeso, SusanDavies. If I recall, you came to one of our meetings and spoke marvelous Welsh. It was impressive! You are most welcome. Next meeting will be November 29.

@jennifer-thomas-mend @KellyMoore @AnnaC @violetsnow @johnowen @Allison @Abbey @laurawydapszeniczny @sarah-17

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and see you all next week! Enjoy the time with Family.:fireworks::sparkles::tada:


No that wasn’t me
We met briefly at NAFOW, I’m Pres of Welsh Society of Western New England


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! :turkey: :tada:


Please accept my apologies, Susan. I am the worst with names. Of course we met at NAFOW. I had confused you with another Davies who did attend one meeting.

Just wait until I tell my Wife how I managed to screw up a name online. :smile: This is a new low for me. Ugh!


Oh goodness it’s totally fine
I was flattered you thought I was a great Welsh speaker… dwi angen ymarfer mwy!!


Undoubtedly you are!


@jennifer-thomas-mend @SusanDavies @KellyMoore @AnnaC @violetsnow @johnowen @Allison @Abbey @laurawydapszeniczny @sarah-17

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I’m excited to speak Welsh again. My Wife is every so endearing and helpful, but she slaughters the language when she tries to say the same things as I do. :smiley: I am having fun with my Daughter. She’s learning Spanish (Highschool doesn’t teach Welsh :disappointed_relieved:) so we are teaching each other. I will say something to her in Welsh with translation and she will reply to me in Spanish with translation. I have no illusions that she will learn Welsh, but she will have awareness to it.

This week, let’s share a fun childhood memory. See you all this Thursday.