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East Coast Time Zone Meetup Beginning


Hi Anna! Feel better! There is nothing worse than being sick during the holidays. I hope everyone had a relaxing family and friend filled time. I hope to join everyone tomorrow.


Diolch, Kelly!


Sorry! We have unexpected family over tonight and I’m cooking! Sad to miss, but I will be there next week.


Dylet ti eu gwneud siarad Cymraeg. (You should make them speak Welsh). :rofl:


Roedd hi’n amser da heno! Diolch am y cyfarfod.
(It was a good time tonight. Thanks for the meeting.)


Glad you could join, David!

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Croeso yn ôl i bawb (Welcome back everyone)! Oeddwn ni’n cael noson hwyl.

We had another fun night and learned that some of the best skiing occurs inside a lodge, while another can play piano well enough to be part of Christian and Jewish celebrations, where to shop in Disney Springs and how to play a Christmas Day prank on Grandma.


:joy:. I should have! I am glad to hear the conversation went well! My dinner was nice too. Have a great week and see you next Thursday.


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Helo, Pawb!

Thursday is approaching and I’m excited to speak Welsh again. My dog is tired of listening to the same things everyday. :smile: Our topic is to answer a questions from Level 2, “Beth ti’n mynd i neud penwythos 'na?” (What are you going to do this weekend?)


Can you remind us how to connect for the meetup? I can’t seem to find the info.


Oh wait, I found it–


Excellent! See you tonight.


Still not feeling great - apparently I now have a sinus infection. Started antibiotics this morning. I don’t have enough brain or energy for a Welsh chat tonight, but I’d better be all better by next week! Joiwch!


I’m sorry to hear @AnnaC! I know how sinus infections feel. Unfortunately, I am so blasted at work that I am tapped out and sadly bowing out of something I enjoy greatly. If I could just get paid to learn Welsh or do anything else that is connected to it I would gladly quit my day job. Enjoy your evening!


That’s awful! Glad you have antibiotics. Get better and we’ll see you next week!


If I could just get paid to learn Welsh - Maybe Aran can provide US scholarships! HA!


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We just finished this week’s meeting and I want to say “Diolch o galon” to everyone! You don’t know how much Welsh you actually know, until you speak it with others. I’m just proud of how much Welsh we know. We were having legitimate group conversations in Welsh! They were short with English mix in, but totally legitimate. Diolch, pawb!

Edited to add, this applies to everyone who has joined, not just those tonight, it’s additive and we all help one another to be better speakers/learners.


And diolch a ti for organizing and keeping it going!



Court, it’s so inspiring watching you make such an enormously valuable difference… :star2: :star:

I hope you’re going to be able to make it to Milwaukee this year?


The opportunity to be on this call has been a very good thing for me. I felt that I struggled a bit last night but I was wedi blino. :). Thank you @delawarejones for offering this call.

We had a cwestiwn last night that I asked a friend in Wales about. When you are the speaker, the listener should pick up on whether you are apeaking formally or informally (chi vs ti).
He said that he had someone outright say “Ti. Dim chi.” before to tell him to speak informally.
I hope that helps.


If only Milwaukee was closer to the East Coast! Nothing against any Milwaukeeans on the ffrwm, but it’s not a vacation destination…at least not for my Family. I would thoroughly enjoy catching up with you again. Now ask me about Philadelphia in 2020? Philly is 2 hours away, so I intend to be there as often as I can.

Also hoping to get to Cymru in 2020, but that’s not set yet…just a hope.


See you there, then! :slight_smile: