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EASY question, difficult to ateb [lefel 3]


John: Ateb I Caroline [Dysgu]



First time trying this Souncloud thing so don’t know if I’ve uploaded it right but let’s see… Must confess, had a few goes at recording this but the other versions were unlistenable!


bore da @Betterlatethan I guess there is somewhat more opera in Italian than in Welsh, but if your rieni yn byw yn Gymru, well, that’s the perfect excuse/reason to dysgu Cymraeg. If you’ve only been learning 8 months, I am seriously impressed! Wow! Fantastisch et fantastique. Bravissimo!


Morning @PeterG Peter - without listening over and over again to your ateb, I can however say a) thank you very much for answering, b) you’re saying something about being in a band in Cardigan? c) you finished with “what about you?”. Well… it’s complicated. I started to learn Welsh because, having had responsibilities at work reduced considerably by new management, I needed a challenge, otherwise I was probably going to “walk” as there was little left to get my little grey cells going. Will listen again to your fascinating story in a while - trying to make out what poor old John Peel had to do with it all. Give me 5 (or 10 or whatever!). Thanks again.


Bore da @siaronjames - not sure I got that at all, sorry! I will listen again and again and if I still don’t give you a shout for a quick translation!


Good effort, Peter!

Have you seen the guide to getting your colours? It’s here:

Pink, red, green, blue and beyond... what do they mean?



Thank you, @carolineparkinson for a question that I could understand. I should have said that my parents came (not come) from Wales, but I don’t do too well with tenses. Dad would be 104 if he were still alive! And thank you for the kind words. All credit to SSiW.


Afternoon @carolineparkinson. Your reason for learning Welsh sounds very familiar to me - apart from what I say in the Soundcloud recording, another reason was increasing mindnumbing tedium of the day job and the need to reignite those grey cells. The job hasn’t got any better but my Welsh has, hopefully!

As for the recording…well, I’d had a few drinks by the time I recorded this so it’s possible some of the words may be slurred… Happy to help decode it if need be!


Diolch Aran! Must confess, I hadn’t read the colour-guide, no… Seems I’m doing things in reverse order, then!

To be honest, when I made the recording, I didn’t really have badges in mind. I’d just seen that a lot of brave, pioneering souls had taken the plunge, I’d had a gwydraid neu ddau at the pub and thought, why not? I tried to do the 5-minute thing but my mind went blank, then I stumbled across @carolineparkinson’s question and thought, “I can answer that!” and here we are.

I’ll see if I can do the other steps. Is there a time limit for making these recordings or can I just do them whenever I get the chance/am drunk enough to speak?



Felly, doesn’t that mean dylen i syth i glas? Apres tout, I thought I started out gyda fi ateb i Jane ddoe. Sorry, mustn’t keep using the Cymraeg in writing on the Forum. Maybe I’ll give it another go tomorrow. Sounding like a spoilt child not getting sweets or top of the class now :wink:


First try at answering, so bare with…




Nope, absolutely not! And no harm at all in jumping straight in - I just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on your deserved colourings… :wink:

If you’ve done an answer and I haven’t picked up on it, just ping me in

Going from GREEN to BLUE



I’m not sure this fully answers the question, but I tried and sort of lost my train of thought :slight_smile:

Edit: I also didn’t realise how much I like to say ‘felly’ :smile: (I also apparently forgot ‘dau’ between biti and flynedd, oops!)


Diolch Aran! I did finally get round to the 5-minute thing…and see I’m now badged! Now I need to think of a question to ask… Coming soon…ish.



@DanJones - sounds like a perfect reason to me, diolch!