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Eisteddfod AmGen / The Alternative National Eisteddfod 2020


We were all saddened to hear that the Tregaron Welsh National Eisteddfod had been postponed for this year till next. But the team at the Welsh National Eisteddfod have pulled together all their resources, creativity and partners to provide alternative Eisteddfod content to all their followers.

In their own words -

AmGen will make elements of the Eisteddfod available for people to enjoy during these difficult times. AmGen is the Welsh word for ‘alternative’… AmGen is a multi-platform project, which aims to reach everyone. By using different platforms, including traditional press and media, we hope our content is accessible to as many people as possible.

As the official week of the Eisteddfod approaches (1st - 8th August), here’s a timely reminder to all of you on how to get access to all that’s on offer from Eisteddfod AmGen -

Here’s an 18 second YouTube video all about the EisteddfodAmGen -

Here’s a link to their official YouTube channel -

To learn more about this very exciting project please click on the following link -

To see what’s on and enjoy all the content that Eisteddfod AmGen has to offer, please click on the following link -

For Eisteddfod AmGen’s activities for learners, click on this link -

Here’s where to find them on Facebook -

Here’s where ti find them on Twitter -

Here’s the current timetable -

Please use this thread to share information about interesting performances of content which you’ve seen, or items in the schedule which you think may be of interest to others on this forum. Diolch and ENJOY! :smiley:


Here’s a link to an video where Manon Steffan Ross interviews Bethan Gwanas (both friends of SSiW) on her new novel Merch y Gwyllt…

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Thanks. I’m just halfway through reading the first of the two books. Helps a lot


It was an excellent chat between the two. Thoroughly recommend it


Congratulations to Jazz Langdon from Pembrokeshire on winning the National Eisteddfod’s Welsh Learner of the Year Competition 2020.

To learn more about who Jazz is and how she will inspire others with her achievements, click here -

To listen to the Dysgwr yr Wyl AmGen ceremony on Radio Cymru, please click here -


I’m really enjoying the “Stori Awr Cinio” story sessions for learners at 12 o’clock everyday in the Pentref Dysgu Cymraeg :slight_smile:
Here’s what’s been on so far:
Wythnos Wallgof gan Lois Arnold
Hen Ffôn fy Nain gan Mared Lewis
Bredeg gan Siôn Tomos Owen (Very funny!!)
Does Unman yn Debyg i Gartref gan Elinor Wyn Reynolds
Y Bws gan Bethan Gwanas
Ffenest gan Guto Dafydd
Calon Wrth Galon gan Meleri Wyn James
Methu Cysgu gan Manon Steffan Ros

There’s so much to explore! :slight_smile:


‘Attended’ my first ever Eisteddfod today by way of a learners coffee morning. I have to admit, the thought had previously terrified me (no place for a non- Welsh speaker I thought) but my opinion has changed dramatically, not least because of, well, you guys! (And maybe Aran’s book!) Anyway, I needn’t have worried! I didn’t understand everything but certainly enough to have a conversation of sorts with total strangers. Can’t wait for the ‘real thing’ now, I will visit for real and I will speak Welsh!


Sorry me again! Will the content be available afterwards does anybody know? Too much exciting things to cram in with work too! :wink:


Diolch yn fawr iawn @Cetra listened to Lois Arnold last night. Have just listened to Mared Lewis. Really enjoyed her voice/pronunciation and wanted to know the outcome! Sign of a good author yn fy marn i. Fi a Mr Huws has been on my wish list for a while but I’ve still got other books to read yet.


I’ve added some more links to the latest stories in my post above - thought it would help to keep them all together! :slight_smile:


More links added above! :slight_smile: