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Exeter Welsh Chat for Learners / Grŵp Sgwrsiau Cymraeg De Gorllewin Lloegr


Annwyl pawb
Aeth cyfarfod ddoe’n dda iawn, mi gaethon ni amser gwych yn y caffi Llyfrgell Caerwisg. Naethon ni sgwrsio yng Gymraeg a Saesneg. Ysgrifenon ni dipyn bach am hanes Cymru neu amdanom ni ein hunain i ddarllen i’w gilydd. Croeso i aelod newydd Jane!
The meeting yesterday went really well, we had a great time in the café in Exeter Library. We chatted in Welsh and English. We wrote small pieces about Welsh history or about ourselves, read them out and tried to translate. A very warm welcome to new member Jane!
Bydd y cyfarfod nesa ar 29 Mis Chwefror, 2pm, dal yn y caffi Llyfrgell Caerwisg.
The next meeting will be on 29th February, 2pm, still in the café in the Exeter Library.
See you there!


Hi Catherine
Great to hear from you. We are a small but growing group and you would be most welcome to our next meeting on 29th February at 2pm. We will chat in Welsh (slowly) and English and you would be welcome to speak / listen as you feel most comfortable and try any new phrases out if you’d like. We’re very chilled and all keen to learn as much as we can from each other!
Some of us will bring a small piece in Welsh to read out, listen to and translate and I think Jane is bringing some books for us to work through.
We understand entirely you being nervous, we all were to begin with but do come along, it’s very relaxed and we all ask ‘how do you say X, Y or Z?’ very often.
Hopefully you’re free


Hi Steffan, or anyone else involved with this group. We have a list of regular SSiW meet-ups which goes out to our learners in the weekly email. I would love to include details for this group as well. Currently the details we have for an Exeter group are as follows -

Exeter - FORTNIGHTLY, Mon nights, 7.30pm, The White Hart, South St, EX1 1EE (Contact @carolinewhite to check on the week)

Would you please be able to update me with regularity/dates of meet-ups, location, main contact and any other info you think I may need . Diolch! :slight_smile:


Hi Steff

I used to organise a group in Exeter but never got enough people to turn up at the same time. If I can get the time off work I will try to get to the library at the end of February.

Someone else contacted me before Christmas but I am not sure that they can make daytime but a one off might be possible.

Hope to see you soon



Hey Caroline
Anne Greig mentioned in our very first meeting that there used to be a group in the pub. It’s a slowly growing group currently with maybe as many as six coming next time! We have links with the SE Cornwall group so a combined meet up sometime would be great. You would, of course, be very welcome indeed, it would be super to meet you. We’re very relaxed, this time we chatted in Welsh and English as needed, read out some pieces we’d written in Welsh (about ourselves and Welsh history) and translated together.
Hopefully see you in February or sometime soon thereafter.


Hi Catrin @catrinlliarjones
I have updated your central record for Exeter, we meet frequently (monthly on average) but irregularly. I will be sure to tag you into all future meetings after the February one which you already have noted correctly. Please treat me as the main contact.
Diolch am gweithio yn galed amdanan ni gyd.