Facebook posts/ads?


Just wondering if SSIS is promoted much through Facebook? I was reading a thread earlier on the forum about how people decided to try SSIW and it reminded me that I discovered SSIS through Facebook. It was obviously fate as an ad appeared on my timeline when I was browsing and generally just reading the silly posts and looking at the usual selection of cute pet pics, but something about the ad intrigued me and I clicked on it. I am 99% certain that I have never intentionally clicked on a FB advert before (or since) so no idea why I did this time. I didn’t sign up through that advert I admit, i started to but then thought I ought to check it out first as am a bit dubious about following links, so I googled it and watched youtube video etc before joining through the website I think. Anyway that’s my trip down memory lane, just curious if this is a medium used much to attract new members as my account is now linked to my Facebook page but never seen any posts appear on my timeline since that one.


That’s really helpful, Nikki, thank you so much - we haven’t got any Facebook ads to work yet (as in, to break even so we don’t actually lose money on them!), but we have been thinking about testing some stuff for SSiW as well (which will be heavily influenced by all the things people have been saying to us, and by your very interesting detail here) - so thank you very much indeed! :star: :star2:


Sorry if this is a daft suggestion as I don’t understand how Facebook works, but instead of ads that you need to pay for could you not just post a link periodically to all SSiS and SSiW members’ Facebook timelines?


Ooh, that’s a really interesting idea. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I’m certainly going to look into it - I really like that alternative angle… :star2:


Hola Aran, yes when you post something on your FB page, if we "like"your page we get a notice. Then we can share it to our FB page for friends to see. It is amazing how many interested students you can reach via social media. Good luck!


Thanks Joanie! We’re hoping to do a little more with this once we’ve moved house… :slight_smile: