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Feedback request: Fancy some fun at the same time as spreading the word?


Question about the “competition” without clogging up that thread. As I understand this our new members would get the 6min course for £10 a month and get the 6mws course thrown in for free. What advantage would it be to have access to both courses? I might be missing something but I can’t see why anyone would want or need both.


Nobody needs to do both courses - they’re largely just different time schedules - but for people who’d like the 6 month course but don’t want to fork out £240, it’s a winner - and then it’s up to us to give them enough value for their tenner a month to keep them subscribing after they’ve done the 6 months (also, experience shows that some of them will start off on the 6 month and then ask to be switched to the slower track). :slight_smile:


Gotcha … that makes sense.’


I’m happy to see it seems to be working very well! :boom::+1:

However in Italy, I’m currently in the phase where I’m explaining that:

  1. a Welsh language exists
  2. it is not gaelic
    Maybe by next year. :sweat_smile:

In any case not so many people would be able to learn a language through English.

So when the Italian course is ready, couldn’t you reverse it and use it to create a SSiW English course for Italians?
I’m sure there would be interest for that!


We’ll get there eventually… :slight_smile:


Great practice for when you are la maestra di Italiano scuola per Cymraeg/Inglesi :rofl:


Pssst…we’re in the news again :star_struck:


Sadly without a namecheck, though :frowning: Lots of other resources were named but SSiW was not even mentioned in the para about Jeremy Vine’s lesson.


Namecheck is there, but unfortunately only by the Twitter handle “DailyWelshWords”.


In the paragraph above it was “DailyWelshWords” which is SSiW :+1:

If you read her twitter feed you will find myself and at least 5 others giving us a plug (which I just did again after @aran replied to Jeremy himself).


Thanks - I’ve heard of Twitter but never been tempted to tweet. :smile:


Nia tweets… ! :wink:


Hah. I opened an account Aug 2016…first Tweet 18/02/18 and it was a SSiW retweet…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh well - in THAT case … :laughing:


Marketing wise, wouldn’t it be sensible to have a SSiW twitter handle too? Then the itv news item would more clearly have shown the link between the recommendations received and the (brilliant) Jeremy Vine experience on St David’s Day.


Yes, I think ideally, with hindsight… but I think that ‘saysomethinginwelsh’ was just too long, back when I set up the account… :slight_smile:


Aha. Fair enough. Thanks for replying.

Any plans for setting up a franchise to offer your course in Chinese? Yes, I am serious!


We’ve been working on an algorithm for a long old time, which can mostly cope with Indo-European stuff now - we haven’t tested it on anything further afield, although the model should hold true - we’re talking to publishers at the moment, and trying to get the joys of VAT and a reliable model for growth sorted out this year - so pretty short on bandwidth at the moment, but definitely looking to move in that sort of direction when we can… :slight_smile:


Help please! What’s happened to the Twitter DailyWelsh Words? I was enjoying those, but I can’t find them since May started?


At the moment Iestyn is running a Bootcamp (and it’s been a pretty hectic couple of months in general) - but DWW is sure to start up again when Iestyn’s a bit less snowed under… :slight_smile: