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Feel like Giving Up


I have finished level 2and am now revising. I have never had anyone to practice with and I am finding things really difficult. I never get to speak Welsh with anyone else at all!
Problem is I can be pretty unreliable due to arthritis pain which can hit at any time, so I sometimes end up letting people down (particularly myself!)
Is there anyone in the Camberwell area of SE London who would be willing to put up with me?? to meet up occaisionally to Speak Welsh?
I am learning Southern Dialect


Tagging @peterallen and @KateM , they may have some more info for you regarding meetings in London.

If practicing online is something you’re not completely avoiding, you’d definitely benefit from joining our free Welsh Speaking Practice slack community. There you can find people for a practice chat from all over the world, either for one-on-one chats or scheduled group chats. If you’d like to join just send an email with the subject “WSP” to


I know how you feel, I am coming to the end of Level 1. I have not had chance to practice with anyone. I live in the USA. My work schedule is not great as I work second shift and often get called in to work early. I have tried to schedule to get in a zoom chat on a Friday but so far my schedule has not matched up. I will perserver by myself and often talk to myself but it is hard to remember all of it.


On the Slack WSP group there is a channel especially for those in the Americas - you can join and chat in any channel of course, but the specific Americas channel helps with finding people in the same (or not quite so distant) time-zones - worth having a look at to see if that helps, as there are lots of learners in the USA.


I have emailed ssiw with the hope to finding someone either online or in person. Thanks


Are you able to get to central London Lorraine? If you can, the London Welsh centre in Grays Inn Road is a good place to speak Welsh.


I have tried to contact them on many occasions, both on the phone and by email. they promise to send emails but they never arrive!


There is a Cylch Siarad each Thursday at the LWC in the bar. It starts about 7.30pm and goes on for most of the evening. The Welsh choirs practice on that night too so the bar becomes lively when they finish. The LWC can be a bit dauting as they may have the front door closed on Thursdays but the intercom system goes to the bar with stairs up to the bar to the left as you enter. Lorraine - regarding the next Llon-dain, no plans as of yet.