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Fishguard Sir Benfro - Pembrokeshire SSiW People?


Are there any SSiW learners currently in the Abergwaun (Fishguard) area who would like to practice together? I’m in danger of getting a bit rusty since i moved from Llandeilo last year and local meet-ups of other learners tend to clash with work.


Shwmae Howard :slight_smile: I’m in Hwlffordd if that counts?
Always looking for Welsh buddies but not much extra time these days… In Haverfordwest we have a brill pub Welsh group with really friendly Welsh speakers and learners on Thursday nights. Or maybe you could find something similar closer to you?
Also did you hear about the Milford meet up tomorrow?
‘Bore Coffi Cymraeg Aberdaugleddau. 10.00 bore Sadwrn, 2il o Dachwedd yn y Phoenix Bowl.’
There’s an email list that sends out monthly Welsh events in Pembrokeshire. If you email [] you can be added :slight_smile:


Hi Howard - there’s a good group that meets in Dinas Cross at the Bara Brith cafe every Friday 2:30 - 4. There are many other groups in Pembrokeshire but they often just happen once a month. There is one that meets on the last Saturday of the month at Vincent Davies if weekdays are a problem?


Im in Pembroke, moved from Fishguard last year! Doh! Shame I missed the Milford group, I’ll email Margret. Thanks for the info on the other groups. Im only on challenge 9, so could only manage a little conversation! Would like to practice mind :slight_smile:


Where do you meet on Thursday nights?


Diolch Katherine
I went to the Bara Brith one a few times earlier in the year, i really liked it! Nowadays I’m usually working in Swansea on Fridays, but i might get a chance to go this Friday, fingers crossed!


Lizzy, sorry to have missed you in Pembroke!
i could do with some practice too! I’m on Challenge 10 of Level 3, but i find my memory of earlier levels can fade a bit. I’m interested in the Thursday group too.


Missed you in Fishguard i mean!


Hi Sophie
I sometimes can get to Hwlffordd, could possibly do Thursdays at times. I will email Margaret, i am already on Nic Dafis’ Cardigan area list which (almost) covers this area!


It’s in the Yeoman which is the pub by the cinema in Haverfordwest. There’s a strong group of regulars who meet at 9pm (or a little past!) There are fluent, first language and higher level learners who are really encouraging and friendly! If you private message me I’ll pass on the organisers contact details :slight_smile: