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Free course or paying?


When I found SSIW years ago it was all free and now there are so many options. Two free courses, 6min a day andlonger lessons. But I notice you can also pay. I did start doing the free one months ago but I never seem to stick to it, finding time I guess…
My question is how much of a difference is it between all the different free/paid options? And which is best if you’re not sure how much time you can invest? (Random work hours)


Hi @jen . The challenges seem to be the same but there are more of them.

I’ve just finished the 6 months course which gives you weekly structure and further assignments to the challenges. Well worth it in my opinion. I am now doing the Deep End course week 1.

The best option will be the one you have time for, but I would say do it (Learn Welsh) as fast as possible as success will motivate you.


There is no ‘free’ course, some of the lessons are free to get you going but you always had to pay a subscribtion to go past a certain point and, I believe, you can still do it that way to get access to the lessons alone. There are now structured courses to give you a more rounded learning experience which include listening exercises, video sessions, etc. that would give you more guaranteed results. What would suit your life better?


Thanks for the help. Still undecided. I’m doing a writing course online at the moment so I might have to finish that first. Tempted to dive in with the free option and pay if I stick to it. Decision decision :grinning:


Questions that might give you an extra hint to take your decision:
Do you prefer doing things your way, without anyone else telling you what to do?
Do you struggle with self-discipline (like finding motivation, planning activities by yourself, persevering)?
Would getting reminders and tips regularly in your e-mail help you or even be essential for you to keep on doing the course and finish it?
Do you prefer learning/working a little at a time (every day, every week)?
or in short intensive “chunks” (for example, one full week and then a long pause)?

The free lessons + subscription (after challenge 15 if I’m not wrong) gives you total freedom - which of course has pros and cons (as you seem to have noticed…)!

The structured courses have other pros and cons - but I didn’t do them so I can’t tell.


Thanks that’s very helpful. I suppose having goals and emails to keep me on track would be helpful. But also the flexibility to not worry if I’m a bit behind. So you did the short lessons? I find I’d rather do a chunk now and again but cant devote hours and hours when work is crazy


I actually did all three levels by now.
But without the structured courses: I tried one challenge/lesson. Then strategically planned to go on with all the other free ones during holidays - which worked great for me by the way, cause I had more time and brain resources available! So I could see a big change in a short time. And then proceeded with a subscription just fine.

In any case I know that the structured courses can be paused - so it’s really a matter of which type suits you better!


Thanks you’re very helpful :grinning: I’m.going to stick with the free one and see how I get on. I should’ve done it before when there was an offer on.


I was lucky, accidental perfect timing to catch a very good offer when I subscribed!
However, since then I’ve seen more special offers going on. So if you get the newsletter, or follow SSiW on Twitter or Facebook or keep an eye on the forum I guess you can catch it next time!