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If you’re a Kiva supporter you would have received this news in an email, but I thought I’d post it here in case you missed it as it’s an important change:

Everyone comes to Kiva to make a positive difference in the world, but sometimes life gets in the way. Right now, there is more than $30,000,000 in repaid loans sitting in Kiva accounts—most of which has been waiting to be re-lent for over a year. And we get it! We want to help make sure your funds continue to make the difference you intended when they were first lent. That’s why we are enhancing Kiva account settings to help put your funds to use, even if you don’t have time to re-lend.

Based on your current account settings, if you have enough funds to lend but haven’t made a loan yourself after 90 days, the funds in your account may be auto-lent for you. The first auto-loans from this new setting will be made on May 21st. Please note that auto-loans will also include our standard 15% optional tip to help cover the cost of the loan.

While this is a helpful setting for some lenders, we understand that it’s not ideal for everyone. You can turn it off at any time or customize your auto-lending timing and loan categories.

We’re excited that this change will unlock opportunities for more borrowers and make more effective use of your funds.

Questions? Check out our FAQ here.


The latest news from Kiva:

Introducing Kiva U, an easy way to engage kids of all ages in global learning right from your home! Right now, you can access activities for students of all levels, all for free.

Download Kiva U

Two boys do homework together.

These exercises will teach your children more about world issues such as:

  • Global poverty

  • Refugees

  • Food safety

  • Clean water

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Value of family

  • Financial inclusion

  • … And more!

Each lesson lasts between 30 to 60 minutes, filled with hands-on activities, engaging videos, family discussions and games for every age group! Kiva U is your opportunity to educate young ones about the power of micro-finance in the easiest way.

“[Kiva U] not only taught my students valuable economic lessons,” educator David Golden said, “but also gave them the opportunity to take ownership of helping others around the world and really understand how much of an impact a rather small amount of money can have.”

We hope these real-world lessons are engaging and helpful for your family during this time!

The Kiva team


Our SSiW lending team has had another record-breaking year. With a month still to go, we have lent over $11,000 to hundreds of people all over the world, to help them grow their businesses, pay their children’s school fees or get access to clean water or electricity.

Next year will be our team’s 10th anniversary, and we will pass an important milestone - $50,000 of loans. Can you join us? We realise that this is a difficult time to ask you to lend money without interest, and with no guarantee of return. But people who need small loans, and the micro-credit organisations which support them, are also struggling during the pandemic.

The minimum loan is $25. When the borrower repays you, as the vast majority do, you can choose someone else to lend your money to.

To celebrate our forthcoming anniversary, a special offer. The next 5 new team members who make a loan, will receive a $25 KIVA gift card, so they can make another loan straightaway.

If you can join our team, or wish to find out more, please click on the link:


What a great idea! Makes a good gift as well.