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Future SSiW Events - questionnaire


As an almost complete beginner, as I was last year, booking to go to the Parti 9 after a matter of days/weeks on the 6mws, my first experience of an SSiW party was quite overwhelming enough. It was less of an outlay. That very night on returning to the Drovers Arms and the very next morning, too, I was up for meeting/chatting to locals yn Gymraeg, inhibitions eroded on both sides.

A run-up to the party, giving local groups an opportunity to come up with creativity to be shared such as @tatjana excelled at & which you encourage in the SSiW Eisteddfod, would help spread the love to many who must have felt somewhat left out this year. Parties around the diaspora would be a lovely celebration I think. Involving those not originally involved as SSiW but native speakers who support WSP would be a nice gesture. Also an opportunity to build on @nia.llywelyn’s Camperfan Days Out, on various initiatives like Saith Seren inviting West Midlanders, connections made through Shwmae/Su’mae day… the latter being about when preparations begin… Here’s me off at a tangent again, not wishing to contradict @catrinlliarjones & Aran’s plans to use Nant G etc but sort of as well as… I think 15 is a special one, but 12 can be too. Btw: Who’s coming to my 60th birthday party in December this year? It would mean a visit to Lloegr… :wink:

  1. Wrth gwrs!
  2. Every five years feels about right, but it would be lovely to not have to wait that long… :wink:
  3. Since we live in the states, longer events are a definite plus
  4. late spring / summer is good …
  5. I loved coming to Caernarfon, but the Nant is cool too … (anywhere, really, it’s hard for me to be too picky)
  6. For us, the cost of the plane ticket is going to be a greater concern ;-).
  7. How bout some participatory music time: sing-alongs, open mic/signups, maybe a quiz?
  8. Gwilym Bowen Rhys and/or PLU, Yws Gwynedd, Yr Eira …


Since with @sasha-lathrop and @Telyn_Marco we’ve started collecting song lyrics, I was thinking we could then bring it one step further planning some karaoke :rofl: (not sure of the difference with sing-alongs and open mic? The only other term I’m familiar with is “jam session”), at next friendly meetings and cloncs.
But doing this at the big parti/festival it could bring potential embarrassment (but also laughter) to a whole new level! :grin:


karaoke” - Yeah, I volunteer for the role of audience! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No way! Or better, it’s ok not to sing, but as you put the telyn in your nickname, now you’re doomed! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

p.s. we can always go for some CCCP instead of Welsh songs… (I don’t know why they popped in my mind, did we mention them before?)


Hehe - yes, when we were talking about early thrash at the Leoncavallo! :laughing:

I wonder if anyone has ever played thrash on the harp? :stuck_out_tongue:


If not, we might even explore new territories in music (not sure if much appreciated, in the context though. :grimacing:


Not thrash but Metallica …

And then there’s this …


Sorry, that’s way off topic. :grimacing:

  1. Which kind of activities would you like to see as part of the weekend?
    A couple more suggestiions:
    Catrin Roberts to lead a foraging walk and with meal prepared afterwards with the results;
    Harriet Earis to talk about the roots of the Welsh language and maybe play the harp for us;
    Gwylim Bowen Rhys to talk about cerddoriaeth Cymraeg (he’ll have something prepared already as he was due to give a course on this in Nant G which, frustratingly, was cancelled because of insufficient numbers, and it only needed 5 or 6 in total! :frowning_face:)


Sorry to be a bit off topic. I’d just like to say how good it was to finally meet you @lewie face to face having had the pleasure of working with you remotely “back in the day” :smile:
You’re taller than your avatar :laughing:


and Rhys Mwyn to lead a history/archeology themed walk


Daaang!!! :crazy_face: :rofl:

That 2nd one, Harp Metal, is FIRE! :metal:

The Metallica cover has more than one type of appeal as well!! :thinking:


Hi Catrin,

  1. Would you be interested in attending an SSiW mini festival? Yes, what a great idea.
  2. Do you think we should organise this for 2/3/4/5 years time, or further in the future? For 2 years time please.
  3. Work and family wise, would you be able to attend a three day/two night(ish) event with plenty of notice? Yes
  4. In which month(s) of the year would you prefer to see something like this happening?
    Any time May to September. Might be best to avoid school summer holiday (mid June to end of August) to give people with kids of school age a better chance of attending.
  5. Thinking of venues - I am unable to organise on this kind of scale in a venue far from home, so unfortunately the Canolbarth or y De aren’t viable options. Therefore, which of these would you prefer for a weekend event,
    Very happy to go to the Caernarfon area. Looking into Nant G, that would be a bit isolated and would feel like I’d be hiding a bit from opportunities speaking Welsh to fluent strangers, so Y Galeri sounds great!
  6. ticket prices for the whole weekend, without accommodation? I’d be happy for £65 to make it more open (providing that’s enough for you to organise it). The key things for me are meeting and spending time with speakers and other learners in a Welsh speaking environment. As such, I’d be happy with less well known (and cheaper to book) local talent at the festival, with one or two bigger names if possible within the price.
  7. Which kind of activities would you like to see as part of the weekend? I’m happy with a mix of traditional and modern music / literature or poetry / guest talk. Sorry that’s not a very specific answer!
  8. Which artists/celebrities/authors/poets/special guests would you like to see taking part in the weekend? I don’t mind, can’t think of anyone in particular.


History/archeology and punk rock/alternative music themed walk :sunglasses:


Yes, I mentioned him a while back. Very interesting.


Thank you for all your amazingly creative and enthusiastic responses!

Reading through all the replies on this thread and those I’ve received through private message, I think we have to ask ourselves what kind of an event we want to be organising.

My initial idea was to organise a sort of self contained weekend filled to the brim with various activities and workshops, which felt more like a mini festival. It would seem that some like this idea, whilst some would favour something similar to the Parti 10 weekend and some seem to favour a Bootcamp style weekend with experiences for Welsh in the wild.

Although we know from experience that we will never be able to please everyone, I do think we need to work as hard as we can to make sure we get the balance just right. I want people to enjoy themselves, to have fun, to feel that they’re getting value for money and that what’s on offer has enough variety.

Caernarfon would lend itself beautifully to a more Bootcamp-ish experience with a few structured activities allowing free time for Welsh in the wild, and possibly an evening party/gig at the Galeri. Only a handful of activities would mean less spent on hiring various venues. Shopping, eating and drinking in Welsh in and around Caernarfon would fill in time between activities and give SSiWers the opportunity to socialise in their own time. It also has a range of different types of accommodation.

The Nant would lend itself better to a festival type experience, giving us the opportunity to put on many different activities at once and keeping venue costs down. It has a cafe, a range of different types of accommodation and has a large function room for gigs and parties.

For those with us last weekend, I guess the questions we have to ask are, did you think that the balance between structured activities and free time was good or would you have liked more things to be able to do and get involved in during the day?

We’ve been brainstorming a little here and have thought of various activities as you have, such as…

  • talks by authors/poets
  • wine/beer/cheese tasting in Welsh
  • cooking demos in Welsh
  • coral singing workshops
  • historical talks and walks
  • yoga in Welsh
  • Welsh ‘pub quiz’ type games
  • mini gigs

…and so on…

So do we have a weekend where we try and organise as wide a variety of different activities going on as possible, with groups of SSiWers attending each one based on preference? Or do we choose a small handful of the most popular and intersperse these with pub and cafe meet ups, walks and shopping?

Other things to consider are things like Caernarfon’s famous food festival, early in May every year. It’s epic to say the least with food and drink stalls filling the town as well as local crafts, artists, small producers, cooking demos, gigs and all sorts of colourful and interesting activities. We could coordinate a weekend party with something like this. so that the daytime activities are already there and all we organise is the party in the evening.

Anyway, that’s me over and out for now. I’ll leave you to think about these ideas and we’ll see how it goes. :wink:


Yikes! If I’d known, I’d have been sorely tempted to fly over there just to attend.


Two things I would have liked to offer this year that could certainly go down on a list for a ‘next time’ were:

  1. a ‘tour’ of the Cwmni Da production offices. Ok, so it’s not exactly ‘scenic’ but I thought some might find it interesting to maybe meet some of my colleagues who could say a bit about the programmes we make and their role in them. Unfortunately this year it wasn’t possible as it clashed with the recording of the quiz show ‘Rhannu’ in the studio (which doesn’t have a studio audience) and I don’t think the producer would have thanked me for the noise of lots of feet going up and down the stairs!
  2. I would have been happy to lead a ‘beachcombing’ walk along the foreshore towards Griffiths Crossing looking for sea-glass and then shown people how to wire-wrap it to make suncatchers etc. Unfortunately the low tide times weren’t at good times for me this year due to personal circumstances so I couldn’t commit to it.


Both of those sound great to me!


I’d find all of these attractive with a few comments/suggestions

talks by authors/poets
If you added scientists to this, would they draw a crowd?
wine/beer/cheese tasting in Welsh
Yes, yes, yes
cooking demos in Welsh
I’d be happy to observe or present a dish
coral singing workshops
Great idea but would it need to be underwater?? :wink: I’d be a “sea” bass :laughing:
historical talks and walks
yoga in Welsh
I’m game. My wife and granddaughter could teach me "Ci sy’n wynebu lawr"
Welsh ‘pub quiz’ type games
Definitely, can I be in Geraint’s team? He knows all about this modern rock 'n roll stuff :laughing:
mini gigs
Mae hynny’ n dibynnu