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Future SSiW Events - questionnaire

  1. Yes, definitely!
  2. Every two or three years sounds reasonable.
  3. I’m pretty flexible since I work from home.
  4. The summer months because the days are longer, meaning more time in the day for activities.
  5. I don’t mind, though I’ve heard lovely things about Nant.
  6. I’d pay up to £100 for three days.
  7. Musical acts, acting lessons, exercise sessions, quiz nights, karaoke, comedy, story-telling sessions for the little ones, walks, board games, open mic nights, presentations by local artists/photographers/authors, speed chatting sessions, beach cleans…
  8. The cast of Rownd a Rownd. The band Bwncath. Manon Steffan Ros.


Hi Catrin & All
Here’s our input:

  • Yes, definitely!
  • Every two years sounds great, with a smaller South or West Wales do on the other years.
  • Yes a great idea to have plenty of notice, but then you’d need that to arrange it anyway.
  • Summer-ish would be great, but ideally outside the school holidays period.
  • We can see benefits in both of the venues, so happy with either.
  • I’d say around £100 for three days.
    *Any acts, interesting speakers, craft or food stalls etc.
  • Yes, the cast of Rownd a Rownd would be quite cool or perhaps someone like Gareth Wynn Jones (the shepherd). We’ll leave others to decide :slight_smile:


Thank you all for your continuing enthusiasm and creativity!

I’m looking forward to starting to set the ball in motion with this and making real plans. :smile:


1) Would you be interested in attending an SSiW mini festival?
Yes! :smile:
2) Do you think we should organise this for 2/3/4/5 years time, or further in the future?
As soon as possible please!
3) Work and family wise, would you be able to attend a three day/two night(ish) event with plenty of notice?
4) In which month(s) of the year would you prefer to see something like this happening?
May usually has the best weather in the UK, but happy with any
5) Thinking of venues -
Maybe alternate between North and South?
6) We purposefully kept the ticket prices for this weekend to a minimum, because we wanted the opportunity to celebrate our learners, for the weekend to feel like a gift and be full of surprises. But if we were organise a SSiW festival in the future, what is the maximum ticket price you would be willing to pay for the whole weekend, without accommodation?
£85 keeping it under £100 makes it feel better!
7) Which kind of activities would you like to see as part of the weekend?
A range; music, quizzes, comedy, physical activities…
8) Which artists/celebrities/authors/poets/special guests would you like to see taking part in the weekend?
Any willing, love Rod Gilbert!