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Gair neu Idiom y Diwrnod - Word or Idiom of the Day


Word(s) of the Day 25/10/2018

Cribin = crib-bin
Cribinio = crib-bin-io
Bythwyrdd = bith-weerth
Bytholwyrdd = bith-all-weerth
Priciau tân = prick-iah tahn
Coed tân = coyed tahn
Cynnau tân = Kin-aye tahn

Cribin means rake
Cribinio means to rake
Bythwyrdd means evergreen
Bytholwyrdd also means evergreen
Priciau tân means kindling, as in wood to start a fire
Coed tân means logs, as in firewood
Cynnau tân means to ignite or light a fire

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I really appreciate word of the day and find the word association and relevant meanings fascinating and easier to remember.
Hearing the pronunciation is an added bonus.
Just need some super glue now to make the words stick better in my memory. Thank you.


‘Bytholwyrdd’ is used quite often on “Garddio a mwy” even though all my dictionaries seem to favour ‘bythwyrdd’ leading me to believe the former is more northern (at least where the presenters are from).


Diolch for the new words! Now all I need is the ability to complain in Cymraeg (Ugh, this sucks and it’s a pain in the butt…etc) and I can truly enjoy my upcoming chore. :rofl:But I can also relax with my family afterwards with a nighttime fire in the fire pit.


This is where you need to learn Southern Welsh. You can really drag out the complaining tone of voice with “Sa i’n moyn cribinio” - much better than “dw i ddim yn”! :wink:


A Hwntw word will never escape my lips. :smiley: I’ve heard a lot different speakers say they prefer ‘Sai’n’ to ‘dw i ddim yn,’ as it seems more natural. Not sure what is meant by ‘more natural,’ but I’ve been meaning to look into it.


I would think, if you’re trying to drag out a whine, that “dw i ddim yn…” would be much more satisfying than “sa i’n…” :thinking:


To me “dwi’m isio …” sounds more natural to my ear than “sai’n moyn …” and it can certainly be made to sound more whiney too. It all comes down to what you’re used to I guess.

It boils down to whether you want to speak Hwntw or Welsh. :wink:


diolch, Gruntius. That made me laugh.


Wow, so much picking on us Hwntws! C’mon, @Iestyn, let’s put these Gogs in their place! :wink: :grin: :joy:


That’s probably a pub somewhere. :smile:




Well, I hope that’s a place for Hwntws, too. I don’t want to stay thirsty in my trip to Wales! :sunglasses:


Because we went on holiday I clicked the “unsubscribe” button in one of the emails concerning this topic. Now we are back home again I really would like to get the emails again but I have not been able to find out how to do that. Does anyone know how to start getting the emails on this topic again?


If I have understood your question right, it could be a button/menu called “tracking” below the last post in the thread and above suggested topics (on the desktop version of the Forum).

(unless that click on the e-mail gets you to unsubscribe to e-mails entirely - which I don’t know- then it’s going to be in the profile/account)


Gisella is correct about topic notifications. Below the last post and the general (blue) “Reply” button, there is a link for you to set how you wish to receive information about that topic. I believe the default is “Normal” which means you will only receive a notification if someone mentions you in the topic. I have most topics set on “Tracking” which means that, when I come to the forum, I will see how many new posts have come into those topics. When I want to receive emails for each new post, I set the topic to “Watching” and get an email with each new post. Apparently you can also set it to “Muted” which means you will never get anything about that topic


the hwntws get the last laugh … they well outnumber the gogs :disappointed_relieved: :smile:

The Silures were always a tough lot


Word of the Day - 31/10/2018

Calan Gaeaf = cal-anne gay-ave
Gwrach = goor-ach (Welsh ch sound)
Ysbryd = uss-bridd
Bwgan = boog-anne
Bwci Bo = booky-bo
Fampir = vam-peer
Anghenfil = ang-hen-veel
Gwaed = goo-eyed
Y Meirw = uh may-roo
Dychrynllyd = duh-(ch)krun-(ll)lid (Welsh ch sound and Welsh ll sound
Dychryn = duh-(ch)krun
Ofn = ovn
Arswyd = arse-wid
Pwmpen = poom-pen

Calan Gaeaf means hallowe’en
Gwrach means witch
Ysbryd means spirit or ghost
Bwgan means ghost
Bwci Bo means bogeyman
Fampir means vampire
Anghenfil means monster
Gwaed means blood
Y Meirw means the dead
Dychrynllyd means frightening
Dychryn means to frighten
Ofn means fear
Arswyd means horror
Pwmpen means pumpkin

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See here for some interesting information on the Celtic traditions of Hallowe’en…


And here’s a special Hallowe’en greeting from our house…


Calan Gaeaf hapus, pawb

Diolch, Catrin. Always with the awesome words. My Daughter will be a Bwci bo tonight because she loves hiding and then jumping out and scaring people.