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Gair neu Idiom y Diwrnod - Word or Idiom of the Day


Well, with cyflawni the dictionary lists ‘to fulfil… make or become complete’ amongst the meanings, so I always just think of llawn ‘full’.

Incidentally, the ‘plete’ bit of ‘complete’, English ‘full’, and llawn itself - by the magic of Celtic disappearing ‘p’ - are all related to the Latin word for full, plenus (plein, ple, pieno, etc.)

No tips on cyflwyno though, I’m afraid…


Try to find as many opportunities as possible to use them the wrong way round in conversation - the anguish will help seal the deal for you… :slight_smile:


That’s like the old adage that the best way to remember your wedding anniversary is to forget it just once


That is just evil… :triumph:


But oh so effective… :smiley:


Geiriadur says: " Yng Ngwent a Morgannwg gynt dywedid cyflwyna am ‘fynd o gwmpas i ymweld â chyfeillion a dwyn anrhegion iddynt, yn enwedig ar enedigaeth plentyn’, a hefyd am ‘roi llwyau’n rhodd i blentyn gan ei dad bedydd a’i fam fedydd ar ôl ei fedyddio’."
It sounds like originally it had to do with giving/presenting a llwy/spoon, in particular when a child was baptised. and its meaning has since broadened.
I thought at first cyflwyno had to do with llwyn from Latin lignum wood, but apparently not


Ooh, thank you. It’s little things like that that do help words and meanings stick in my head.

One of the things I am having to retrain my brain to do is to notice whether a word contains WY vs YW. I realised after a while that I was just ‘seeing’ WY every time, hence missing some pretty crucial distinctions.

At least now I am starting to be sufficiently self aware to go ‘hang on, which one was that again???’


Word(s) of the Day 08/02/2019

Cred = Krehd
Credau = Kred-eye
Credu = kred-dee
Credaf = Kred-dav

Cred means a belief or a creed
Credau means beliefs or creeds
Credu to believe, to trust, to have faith in.
Credaf means I believe, I have faith in

In informal speech, or when referring to folklore you’ll often hear coel (coyle) for belief and coelio (coyle-yo) for to believe. You’re also more likely to hear children use coel and coelio. Some of you may have heard the word ofergoel explained earlier in this thread here which includes the word coel.

Cred is often heard in religious terms and comes from the Latin credo.

But whichever you use…

Dw i’n credu
Dw i’n coelio

…for I believe, you will be perfectly understood and neither would sound out of place in any conversation.

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Haia @catrinlliarjones, penblwydd hapus i ti, gobeithio mi gei di ddiwrnod bythgofiadwy heddiw.

Something now for Monday morning … can I make a request please? Simple maths terms’ and how to use them.

E.e. what’s 2 plus 2
multiplied by
divided by
Also 2 plus 3 is equal to 5

Thanks. :smiley:


Dim problem! :grin:


Word(s) of the Day 11/02/2019

Ok, so here goes with some maths!

Mathemateg = math-em-mat-egg - mathematics
Rhif = hr-eve - number
Rhifau = hr-eve-aye - numbers
Lluosi = llee-ossee - multiply
Rhannu = hr-annie - divide
Tynnu = ton-knee - subtract
Adio = add-yo - add
Datrys = dat-riss - solve
Hafaliad = have-al-yad - equation

Hafal = have-al - equal
Yn hafal i… = un have-al ee - equals / is equal to

Wedi lluosi â… = wed-dee llee-ossee ah - multiplied by
Wedi rhannu â… = wed-dee hr-annie ah - divided by

Yn llai na… = un ll-aye nah - less than
Yn fwy na… = un vooee nah - more than

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Ah…she gives…and she takes away :laughing:


Word(s) of the Day 12/02/2019

Continuing on the mathematical theme…

Mathemategol = math-em-mat-egg-all - mathematical
Odrif = odd-reev - odd number
Eilrif = ail-reev - even number
Cyfartaledd = kuv-are-tal-eth - average
Amcangyfrif = am-can-gov-reev - estimate
Cyfrifo = kuv-reev-o - calculate

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For those of you interested in math, this site has a comprehensive glossary of terms in Welsh, but doesn’t have the pronunciations unfortunately.


Word(s) of the day 15/02/2019

Whilst considering the dog. his daily excercise and my recent low energy levels, I came up with today’s choices…

Ymrwymo = erm-roo-eem-mo - to commit
Ymrwymiad = erm-roo-eem-yad - commitment
Ymrwymiedig = erm-roo-eem-yed-igg - commited
Cyfrifoldeb = kuv-reev-all-deb - responsibility
Cyfrifol = kuv-reev-all - responsible

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Ah yes Catrin. Gwaith galed. Hard work keeping up with a dog.
Which reminds me of the M4 signs telling me to drive responsibly in the new extended 50 mph zone :innocent:
Dwi’n Ymrwymiedig i gyrru yn gyfrifol .


Naughty/drwg i chi/are you! Not alone


Word(s) of the Day 18/02/2019

So I was playing silly cushion throwing games with the kids yesterday and I badly sprained my finger, which is now very swollen and unable to bend or straighten… :roll_eyes:

Anaf = anne-ave - injury
Anafiadau = anne-ave-yad-aye - injuries
Anafu = anne-ave-vee - to injure
Brifo = breev-voh - hurt
Poen = poh-in - pain
Poenus = poh-in-iss - painful
Clais = c-lice (basically the word lice with a c sound at the beginning) - bruise
Cleisiog = clay-shogg - bruised

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Well, get better soon. I am sure that we can dysgu yn husky…


Love this… :laughing:


So sorry you got injured when you are already sick! Brysia wella!

Thank you so much for doing Gair y Diwrnod - they are really helpful! :slight_smile: :star: