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Gair neu Idiom y Diwrnod - Word or Idiom of the Day


Please don’t apologise. My mental blocks are NOT your priority right now.


Word(s) of the Day 01/04/2019

As requested by @Catriona here’s an attempt at clarifying the following…

Mynd = mind (with short i sound like Mindy or mint) - to go

As in English (went), there are short forms of mynd for use with past and future tense. But their sounds are similar so can cause confusion. Therefore I’m going to attempt to clarify the challenging vowel sounds in this post.

I went - es i = ehss ee (es sounds a little like airs)
You went - es ti = ehss tee
She went - aeth hi = eyeth hee
He went - aeth o = eyeth o (like eyes but with a th on the end rather than an s)

We went - aethon ni = eye-thon nee
You went - aethoch chi = eye-thoch chee (Welsh ch sound)
They went - aethon nhw = eye-thon noo

I will go - af i = ahv ee
You will go - ei di = ey dee
She will go - eith hi = eh-ith hee
He will go - eith o = eh-ith o

We will go - awn ni = ah-oon ee
You will go - ewch chi = eh-ooch ch-ee
They will go - Ân nhw ahn noo

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Word(s) of the day 01/04/2019

Gwneud = goon-aid (sometimes pronounced without the ‘oo’ - gneud = gn-aid) - to do

As in English (did), there are short forms of gwneud for use with past and future tense. But their sounds are similar so can cause confusion. Therefore I’m going to attempt to clarify the challenging vowel sounds in this post.

I did - nes i = nehs ee (nes sounds like nairs)
You did - nes ti = nehs tee
She did - nath hi = nah-th hee (nath sounds like narth)
He did - nath o = nah-th o

We did - nathon ni = na-thon nee
You did - nathoch chi = na-thoch chee (Welsh ch sound)
They did - nathon nhw = na-thon noo

I will do - na i = nah ee
You will do - nei di = nay dee
She will do - neith hi = nay-th hee
He will do - neith o = nay-th o

We will do - nawn ni = noun nee
You will do - newch chi = neh-ooch chee (Welsh ch sound)
They will do - na nhw = nah noo

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If you would like the above in sentences, then please let me know, with sentence suggestions and I will include them in a post tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, Catrin. That’s a great help.


Diolch @catrinlliarjones!


Word of the Day 05/04/2019

I’m behaving myself and avoiding any real political discussion on this friendly forum. But I know that many of you, because of the current climate, are likely to find yourselves at some point, discussing the on going shenanigans in the pub, and may well want to be doing that in Welsh. So I thought I’d provide you with some useful vocabulary… where’s the tongue in cheek emoji when you need it?

On a serious note, I would kindly like to request that any direct political discussion is kept off the forum… diolch… :wink:

Llanast = llan-asst (Welsh ll sound) - mess (mostly Northern)
Annibendod = ann-ee-ben-dodd - mess, disorder (mostly Southern)
Blerwch = bleh-rooch (Welsh ch sound) - untidiness, carelessness
Diofalwch = dee-of-al-ooch (Welsh ch sound) - carelessness
Cywilydd = kuh-will-ith - embarrassment
Anhrefn = ann-hr-evn - disorder

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Brilliant words. Thanks so much for doing these they are so useful.


does brwnt and pudr have a similar meaning to blerwch? or specific? dialectal?

Diolch eto


Brwnt (s) and budr (n) both mean dirty, unclean whereas blêr means untidy.


Quick query about aethon nhw - I’ve been mentally pronouncing all those ae as ‘eye’, till I heard Saeson pronounced ‘say’, at which point I (a) got confused and (b) started listening harder.

Am I right in thinking that if one doesn’t have one’s llais capel switched on, daethon nhw tends to sound deithon nw? (And daeth o, daath o, too?)


I :heart:ed this to catch the outcome. Im also drifting across to the SAY camp. Also with ei, and au and eu sounds. Although it tends to raise the odd eyebrow when mentioning place names in an English conversation.

Ive been corrected both ways. Those sounds need you to suss the listener before you express them. Not too bad if you are a bloke in the south. You can just mutter them. :rofl:

Edit: I’ve just corrected a spelling mistake above. Also to mention how much I am enjoying being able to rediscover the ei ae and ê sounds, which have been pushed to the back of my head since moving south.


Yup… :slight_smile:


Word of the Day 18/04/2019

Again, sincerest apologies for lack of word of the day posts. It has been yet another crazy period with Aran’s mum’s fall, subsequent hospital stay and return home to our care. We’re just about finding our feet again, so here goes…

It’s all about Easter… well mostly the commercial, non religious type. :wink: Let’s hope some of these words are useful, especially when juggling little ones over thew holidays.

Pasg = pahsk - Easter
ŵy = oohee - egg
wyau = ooee-ah - eggs
helfa = hell-vah - a hunt
basged = bass-ged - basket
cuddio = kith-yo - to hide
chwilota = chooee-lot tah (Welsh ch sound) - to search/rummage
casglu = kass-glee - to collect
cwningen = koon-ing-ngen - rabbit
clustiau = kleest-yah - ears
siocled = shock-led - chocolate
cyw = cue/queue - chick
Sul y Pasg = seal uh pahsk - Easter Sunday
croes = kroh-iss - cross
oen = oyne (rhymes with coin) - lamb
cig oen = keeg oyne - lamb (as in meat)
gwanwyn = goo-anne-win - spring

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My favourite thread! Diolch Catrin! And I’m thrilled to have potted a typo - cig OEN - I must be progressing! I hope Aran’s mum is progressing too.


Physically much better - she actually announced today that she’d like me to take her out for a very short walk some time soon, so that’s very encouraging… :slight_smile:


Word of the Day 01/05/2019*

Rhagfarn = hrag-varrn - prejudice / bigotry / bias

Rhagfarnllyd = hrag-varrn-llid - biased / prejudiced / biggoted

Rhagfarnu = to prejudge

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An important question here, I think, is whether these are always utilised in a negative way. In English, bias can be positive, neutral or negative. To a differing extent, so can pre-judging.
Good words!


That is a very encouraging improvement! Acute pain and physical/mental recovery don’t always keep peace with each other, so I would shoot for very short and lots of encouragement. :+1:


So, now that the epic task of organising the party weekend is over… sorry for the slightly croaky voice… :wink:

Word of the Day 04/06/2019

Ailddechrau = aisle-thech-rah-ee - to restart

Atgyfodi = at-guv-oddie - to resurrect or revive

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