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Gair neu Idiom y Diwrnod - Word or Idiom of the Day


Absolutely! Lovely isn’t it! On that note…

Llygad y dydd = llugg-add err-deeth - daisy - the day’s eye
Dant y llew = dant err lleh-oo - dandelion - lion’s tooth
Blodyn menyn = blod-inn mennin - buttercup - butter flower
Bysedd y cwn = bus-eth err koon - foxglove - dog’s fingers
Blodyn neidr = blod-inn nay-drr - red campion - snake flower


Thanks for these. Blodyn neidr is interesting. One of the English dialect names for red campion is Adder’s Flower, and you wonder what about this pretty red flower should lead it to be associated with snakes, and whether the English and Welsh arrived at the association independently.


Word of the Day 03/07/2019

Mwy o flodau / more flowers…

Eithin = eh-eeth-inn - gorse
Draenen wen = drah-en-en when - common hawthorn
Lili wen fach = lilly when vah-ch - snowdrop
Bwtsias y gog = boots-yass err gorg - bluebell
Pabi = pab-bee - poppy

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Heh. I used to be part of an acappella quartet called *Grug ac Eithin" (Heather & Gorse). We were all members of the North American Welsh Choir (at the time) so it seemed logical to have a Welsh name.


I think @annmoore mentioned previously about the village of Cefneithen. Im pretty sure that gorse grows right up to the main A48 road there.

Confusingly, it’s next to Gorslas village, but I think thats the Welsh Cors.


Word of the Day 05/07/2019

So summer is finally here…

Heulog = hay-logg - sunny
Torheulo = tor-hay-lo (short o sounds as in torrent and lost) - sunbathe
Eli Haul = ellie ha-eel - sun-cream
Pelydrau = pel-ud-rah-ee - rays
Uwchfioled = eeooch-vee-all-ed - ultraviolet
Lefelau uwchfioled = level-aye eeooch-vee-all-ed - ultraviolet levels/index (in weather forecasts)
Llosg haul = ll-ohsg ha-eel - sunburn
Lliw haul = ll-eew ha-eel - suntan
Paill = pah-ee-ll - pollen
Lefelau paill = level-aye pah-ee-ll - pollen levels/count (in weather forecasts)
Clefyd y gwair = klevid err goo-ayer - hay fever
Gwrth-histamin = goorth his-tamin - antihistamine
Tisian = tiss-yan - to sneeze

Will record later - am full of allergies. :frowning:


Back soon, in the throws of redecorating the youngest’s bedroom. X


Yes, I’ve been absent for a long time and I’m really sorry.

The decorating turned out to be more of a project than anticipated, then the kids were home from school for the summer break and now that they’re back in school, I’m nailed down with a deadline from my publisher.

But I will be back in to the swing of it soon, I promise. :blush:


Honestly, I am still alive… :rofl:


Prynhawn da! Soooooooo… I finally sent the latest draft of my novel to my publisher, then spent a couple of days pretending to catch up with the housework and now here I am. Present, though still surrounded by chaos. We had a day out at Chester Zoo with the kids before the end of the summer holidays and I spent some time gazing at the sloths with envy… :joy:

So, in honour of all the chaos which surrounds us, here are today’s much overdue words…

Word of the Day 11/011/2019

Gwell hwyr na hwyrach = goo-ell hoo-ear nah hoo-ear-ach - Better late than never

Mae’n hen bryd = mah-enn hairn breed - It’s about time

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Word of the Day 11/011/2019

Something completely different today…

Seren = serr-enn - star
Sêr = sehr - stars
Seryddwr = serr-ryth-oor - astronomer
Seryddiaeth = serr-ryth-ya-eth - astronomy
Seren wib = serr-enn weeb - shooting star

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Word of the Day 17/09/2019

Mentro = meant-tro (short ‘o’ sound) - to venture/dare/risk
Mentrus = meant-triss - bold/adventurous/daring/venturesome
Menter = meant-tear - venture/enterprise/initiative
Mentrau = meant-try - ventures/enterprises/initiatives

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Word of the Day 19/09/2019

DIY-ing has featured strongly this week in our house. Lots of catching up with jobs that needed doing. So…

Morthwyl = morth-will - hammer
Morthwylio = morth-will-yo - to hammer
Hoelen = hoy-lenn - nail
Hoelion = hoy-lee-on - nails
Hoelio = hoy-leo - to nail
Llif - lleev - saw
Llifio = lleev-yo -to saw

Sound file -


Word of the Day 27/09/2019

Inspired a little by the above…

Trydanwr = truh-dan-noor - electrician
Plymwr = plum-moor - plumber
Saer coed = sah-ear-koid - carpenter
Garddwr = garth-thoor - gardener
Peintiwr ac addurnwr = paint-yoor-ack-ath-theer-noor - painter and decorator

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Word of the Day 30/09/2019

I’ve been juggling appointments and dates in my head today, in an attempt to get organised, so thought these might be interesting and useful…

Echdoe = ech-doie - the day before yesterday
Trennydd = trenn-ith - the day after tomorrow
Wythnos = ooeeth-noss - week
Wythnosol = ooeeth-noss-all - weekly
Dyddiad = dith-yad - date
Pythefnos = puth-evn-oss - fortnight
Pythefnosol = puth-evn-oss-all - fortnightly
Dyddiol = duth-yol - daily
Dyddiadur = duth-yad-ear - diary
Amserlen = am-serr-len - timetable
Apwyntiad = apoo-int-yad - appointment

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Word of the Day 02/10/2019

Firstly, seeing as we now have both feet in October, I wanted to remind you of these timely words…

Hydrefol = hud-rev-all - autumnal
Gaeafol = gay-ave-all - wintery
Gwres canolog = goor-ress can-all ogg - central heating
Crino = krino (short ‘o’ sound) - to wither and dry up
Mae’r dail yn crino = mah-eer dah-eel ern krino - the leaves are withering

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Word of the Day 03/10/2019

Here’s a lovely idiom for you about October…

Hydref hir a glas, blwyddyn newydd oerllyd gas

Hydref = hud-rev - October or the autumn
Hir = heer - long
Glas = glahs - blue
Blwyddyn = blu-with-in - year
Newydd = neh-with - new
Oerllyd = oyer-llid - cold/chilly
Cas (mutated to gas) = kahs - bitter/nasty/hateful

Translation -

A long and blue autumn, a cold and bitter new year.

So basically a good, dry autumn will result in a challengingly cold January.

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Often hear “paid a bod yn gas” when I’m taking the Michael :laughing:


Word of the Day 08/10/2019

Atgof = at-gov (short ‘o’ sound as in 'pot) - a memory
Atgofion = at-gov-yon - memories
Atgoffa = at-gof-far - to remind
Cof = corve - one’s memory
Cofeb = kov-ebb - a memorial
Atgofiant = at-gov-yant - a memoir

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I hear coelio much more in the south…and Ive just realised thats where we get “argoelio” (to convince) from!