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Gair neu Idiom y Diwrnod - Word or Idiom of the Day


Gair neu Idiom y Diwrnod - Word or Idiom of the Day 10/10/2019

Today our new car arrived… well, I say new… new-ish… :wink: On monday we woke to find our old and very battered people carried had vomited all it’s oil on to the driveway and passed away quietly in its sleep. After years of buying old and having to deal with endless repair bills, we decided to go with something a little younger. So thanks to all kinds of fancy new purchase options, we were able to make a deal to…

Talu fesul tipyn = tally vess-sill tip-in - pay a little at a time

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Gair neu Idiom y Diwrnod - Word or Idiom of the Day 11/10/2019

I can’t ignore it any longer, I must get the vacuum cleaner out… and then the duster, mop, window cleaner, furniture polish and so on…

Tynnu llwch = ton-knee-llooch (Welsh ‘ll’ and ‘ch’ sound) - to dust

Tynnu is pull or in this context to take away and llwch is dust.

Glanhau = glann-high - to clean

Though you’ll often hear…

llnau = ll-nigh - to clean

To vacuum in Welsh is hwfro = who-vro - which of course comes from to hoover.


Sugnwr llwch = sig-noor llooch - vacuum cleaner

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Gair neu Idiom y Diwrnod - Word or Idiom of the Day 14/10/2019

Life - crazy, expensive, yet full of interesting experiences. Our car died a sudden and rather ugly death last week so an immediate replacement was necessary. Then next week we take the kids on their first proper holiday in over three years - something we’ve been planning and looking forward to for many months. So as you can imagine, I’ve spent many hours on comparison websites this last week looking for all kinds on insurance…

Yswyriant = us-weer-yant - insurance
Yswyrio = us-weer-yo (short ‘o’ sound) - to insure
Polisi = polly-see - policy
Gwarant = goo-are-ant - guarantee
Sicrwydd = sick-roo-with - assurance

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And here’s a bonus…

Llonyddwch meddwl = llon-uth-ooch meth-ool - peace of mind/stillness of mind

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Bore da!

We are back from our adventures in Greece and at the helm once more. I would like to know from you if there are any words/idioms/vocabulary groups you would like me to introduce you to on this thread?

So please give me your suggestions and I will do my very best to answer you. Diolch! :smiley:


Today’s the day to revive this post… :fire: :fireworks: :firecracker::rocket:


Would you be able to indicate which are masculine and feminine? Or is there an easy way to work this out that I haven’t found yet?


Great idea. I’ll put a simple (f) or (m) in the future next to all words. :slight_smile:


Gair neu Idiom y Diwrnod - Word or Idiom of the Day 08/11/2019

Here are today’s words, inspired by these two threads…

Llyfr = lleevr - book
Llyfrau = lleevr-aye - books
Llyfrgell = lleefr-gell - library
Pennod = pen-odd - chapter/eopsode
Pennodau = pen-odd-aye - hapters
Cyflwyniad = kuv-loo-in-yad - introduction
Crynodeb = krunn-odd-ebb - synopsis/summary
Rhagair = hrag-ayh-eer - preface/foreword
Epilog = epilog - epilogue
Cynnwys = khun-wiss - contents
Ffuglen = fig-len - fiction
Nofel = nov-elle - novel
Meingefn = mein-gevn - spine
Broliant = brol-yant - blurb
Mynegai = mun-egg aye - index
Ffeithiol = ffaith-yol - factual/non-fiction

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I think that makes 504 words.
Thank you again, @catrinlliarjones, for this wonderful resource.
Sue (of the Oxford river trip.)


Just being picky:
(Sorry - had a moment where I wondered if there was some sieving reason that meant I’d been saying these both wrong, & had to check the soundfile.)

Thank you for these - will particularly want to try to retain mynegai, meingefn, broliant, crynodeb :slight_smile:


Being Northern, this is my go to, but what I’ve found in the past is, that if you’re not very familiar with that northern Welsh ‘u’ sound, it’s very hard to explain phonetically and a difficult one to get right. So I often resort to using the southern ‘ee’ pronunciation, which often replaces the northern ‘u’ and is much easier to write.


So do Southerners actually say it with a clear y, like llifrau? I thought the “two different vowels in mynydd” thing was fairly universal (although I have heard yfed as ‘ifed’ on TV, and I think Aran said that was very Ceredigion).


Oh my goodness it’s cold!!! We’re experiencing unusually cold temperatures here in Snowdonia, colder than average with snow in the mountains and sleet showers on lower levels. We don’t usually get snow till late December and January! So I thought I’d share these words again…


Here’s a bonus for you today. An old favourite Welsh nursery rhyme about the red breasted Robin and the beginning of winter. There are many different versions of this nursery rhyme all from different parts of wales, but this is the one I’m most familiar with…

Robin goch ar ben y rhiniog - Red robin on the doorstep
a’i ddwy aden fach anwydog - with his two little cold wings
ac yn dwedyd yn ysmala - and he said with amusement
“Mae hi’n oer, mi ddaw yr eira”. - “It’s cold, the snow is coming”.

Robin goch ar ben y rhiniog - Red robin on the doorstep
yn gofyn tamaid, heb un geinog - asking for a little something, without a single penny
ac yn dwedyd yn ysmala - and he said with amusement
“Mae hi’n oer, mi ddaw yr eira”. - “It’s cold, the snow is coming”.

Sound file -

Sound file singing -

And some different versions…


We don’t usually get snow until at least late November, but it is pelting down snow today, and we had our first snow on Halloween morning. I am not ready for winter!


Gair neu Idiom y Diwrnod - Word or Idiom of the Day 12/11/2019

Well the weather continues to be totally horrible!

We’ve gone from low temperatures, sleet and hail to non stop torrential rain for hours and hours. So here’s another nursery rhyme…

Bwrw Glaw yn Sobor Iawn

Mae’n bwrw glaw yn sobor iawn - it’s raining terribly
wel dyma b’nawn anghynes, - well what a cold/awful afternoon
'mochel dan yr ambarel - sheltering under the umbrella
a cherdded fel brenhines. - and walking like a queen

Eisiau ambarel yn siŵr - I want an umbrella for sure
i gadw’r dŵr o 'nghlustiau, - to keep the water from my ears
clustiau’n gwrando ar y wlad - my ears are listening to the land
yn siarad am fy siwrne. - talking about my journey

Holi hwn a holi lall - asking this one and asking that one
a holi John Dwygeiniog, - and asking T’upenny John,
pwy 'di hon a’r ambarel? - who is she with the umbrella?
Wel mae hi’n ddel gynddeiriog. - well she’s exceedingly pretty

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Gair neu Idiom y Diwrnod - Word or Idiom of the Day 15/11/2019

So we’ve mentioned cold weather and the Robin Goch / Red Robin, therefore…

Siwed = see-wed - suet
Hadau = had-aye - seeds
Blodyn haul = blod-inn ha-eel - sunflower
Mwydyn = moo-id-in - worm
Mwydod = moo-id-od - worms
Cneuen goco = k-nai-en-gok-ko - coconut
Cnau mwnci = k-nai moon-ki - peanuts
Briwsion = bree-oos-yon - crumbs
Bwydwr = boo-id-oor - feeder
Bwydwyr = boo-id-weer - feeders
Bwydo = boo-id-doh - to feed

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Bore da! Any requests? :smiley:


Bore da! What about something related to writing letters and postcards (and e-mail)?


No problem! :slight_smile: