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Gair neu Idiom y Diwrnod - Word or Idiom of the Day


This is the only expression from this selection which I might find useful these days.


Not sure whether I should laugh or cry… :wink:


Gair neu Idiom y Diwrnod - Word or Idiom of the Day 07/02/2020

Iaith lafar = yah-eeth lah-var - coloquial speech

Tafodiaith = tah-vod-yah-eeth - dialect

Iaith anffurfiol = yah-eeth anne-feer-vee-all - informal language

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Peidiwch â becso, dw i’n hapus iawn gyda pheint.


Bore da!

Sorry for my absence! New words in just a bit, but in the meantime, here are some from 2018 which are very relevant considering the challenging weather of the last few weeks…


This has reminded me that drycin occurs in the names of some sea birds, such as the Manx, i.e.shearwater: Aderyn drycin Manaw


Absolutely, and isn’t drycin a wonderful word!


Gair neu Idiom y Diwrnod - Word or Idiom of the Day 28/02/2020

Inspired by the recent terrible weather and subsequent damage…

Llifogydd = lleev-og-ith - floods

Gorlifo = gore-leevo - to overflow

Llifeiriant = lleev-vayr-yant - torrent

Llifeiriol = lleev-vayr-yol - torrential*

Flachlif = flach-leev - flash flood

Dilyw = deal-leew - deluge

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Gair neu Idiom y Diwrnod - Word or Idiom of the Day 03/03/2020

Inspired by @matthew and @ruth-connor in this thread. Here’s a bit of holiday vocab. But please note, that because of the’re’s lots of it, there are no phonetic spellings today - please listen to the SoundCloud file for pronunciations…

Gwyliau = holiday
Aros = to stay
Gwely a Brecwast = bed and breakfast
Gwesty = hotel
Byncws = bunkhouse
Derbynfa = reception
Llawr = floor
Grisiau = stairs
Ystafell = room
Sengl = single
Dwbl = double
Ystafell ymolchi = bathroom
Cadw = reserve
Archebu / Rhagarchebu = to book
Dw i wedi archebu ystafell = I have booked/reserved a room
Dw i wedi archebu bwrdd = I have booked/reserved a table
Cyrraedd = arrive
Ty bwyta = restaurant

Sound file - on it’s way!


Theres a word the Scots use for soaking wet which i believe has origins in Norsk. Its something like Drucket. It sounds very similar to drycin.


Yes, we use the word dreich quite frequently when describing a miserable wet day, and if we get caught in heavy rain, as I did the other day, we will probably come home drooked or drookit.


S’mae @CatrinLliarJones,
How about something topical to keep us smiling? Such as the Welsh for (e.g.):

  • “The mask is ineffective”;
  • “Don’t hoard toilet paper”;
  • " Rugby players must maintain a distance of six feet from each other during a match";
  • “Wash your hands for 20 seconds whilst singing ‘Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch’ three times”;
  • “Here’s hoping for better news.”

Noswaith dda and here’s hoping for better news! :smile:


Here goes! :smiley:

Gair neu Idiom y Diwrnod - Word or Idiom of the Day 17/03/2020

Tydy’r mask yma ddim yn gweithio! = This mask doesn’t work!
Paid a cymryd y papur tŷ bach i gyd! = Don’t take all the toilet paper!
Paid a sefyll yn rhy agos! = Don’t stand too close!
Oes yna ddigon o win yn y tŷ? = Is there enough wine in the house?
Plis golcha dy ddwylo am ugain eiliad = Please wash your hands for twenty seconds.
Ti i fod i besychu mewn i dy benelin dy hun! = You’re supposed to cough in to your own elbow!
Dw i wedi diflasu arnat ti rŵan. = I’m bored of you now

Sound file -


Diolch yn fawr iawn Catrin! :grin:
:mask: :x:
:wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass: :white_check_mark::white_check_mark:


Diolch! I’m new on the Forum (slowly working through the Advanced content on SSIW). Is there a way to get these Soundcloud files into a podcast/RSS feed?


I would add to this one - efo sebon! - with soap! :laughing:


Only a difference in where the emphasis lies can help me distinguish my proprietary cough mixture from my elbow…

Don’t anybody mention Eric Morecambe and that football team… :wink::joy:


So there’s always enough wine…
Mae yna ddigon o win bob amser?


I opened my Dictionary of Welsh Idiomatic Phrases to do a bit of swotting and found lots of very topical phrases. (Sorry for lack to bach but not figured out how to do that easily yet… )

Things we might need to say:
hen beswch : a nasty cough
allan o wynt : out of breath
pellter diogel : a safe distance
fel pelican : on one’s own, no other people around
fel y bedd - quiet as the grave
mynd yn brin arni am fara : to run short of bread
fesul dau a dau : two at a time
fesul wythnos : week by week
fel tan gwyllt : like wildfire (as in news, disease, rumours etc spreading)
afael yng ngafael : at close quarters
mae galw mawr amdanyn nhw : they are in big demand, there’s a run on them
sefyll ochr yn ochr : to stand together
oedi cyn smwddio’r crysau : put off ironing the shirts (!!!)
yr oes sydd ohoni : the times we live in
mae’r oed wedi newid : the times have changed
ofnadwy o garedig : terribly kind
oriau hamdden : spare time
orian bwygilydd : hours on end
pa un ai gweiddi neu chwerthin : whether to shout or laugh
os byw ac iach : if still alive and kicking
palu ymlaen : to keep going
sefyll yn stond : to come abruptly to a halt
spel go hir : quite a long time
yn ei hwyliau : in good spirits
gofalu yfed llai : to make an effort to drink less :innocent:
Troi’r cloc yn ol : turn the clock back

Things we won’t need to be saying:
Oni wnewch chi aros dros nos? : Won’t you stay the night?
hel tai : to visit friends regularly to gossip and drink coffee
Mae hi newydd bicio allan : She’s just popped out
big ym mhig : in a close group talking to one another


Here’s a really easy way, at least for computers (I don’t know about phones, I haven’t got a smart one) - there’s software you can download free (I have it at work and at home and it’s invaluable!)