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Garry Owen Show: Correcting Learners? How much is too much?


This is exactly how we did it with my old flatmate who came to the UK having spoken to no native English speakers, or outside of hi-school. Straight up correcting her would have made the conversations so confrontational and totally bashed her confidence. She said it made her feel more comfortable as she didn’t need to worry about making mistakes and just try to get what she wanted to say out.


I’m not sure I understood how the jar of peas works and what it means… :thinking:


From what I understand, putting a pea in the jar during bootcamp shows that you recognise when you’ve made a mistake. By not worrying about making mistakes you can be free to push yourself to say things beyond your comfort zone … thus learning more.


Can I just dump a load in at the start so that I’m in credit?


That would be cheating, you’ve got to leave room for everyone else :wink:


I must admit I just used to throw a handful in each time I passed. The idea is you should aim to make as many mistakes as possible because it’s the only way you can improve!


I believe this is the correct way to help too. Many parents correct their children this way. Much better than saying outright that they are wrong.


Sorry for War and Peace there.

TL;DR: my God this is complicated. There are a lot of simple answers on places like ouTube and simple answers don’t seem right to me.